Escape! Garry's Mod Project

Sorry, Wrong thread everyone please move on.

It’s [sp]SPOILER[/sp] without the asterisks.

Also, I don’t think it’s considered advertising if the main topic of the forum is your mod.

Also, for future reference, there is a gamemode section here.

Thanks, you should have noticed I’m new to the fourms.

It’s okay, we all make mistakes.

Welcome, by the way.

Kind of an ambitious project. Even if it works out it’ll probably turn into a memory game unless something is implemented that can randomize things.

We have somone working on that, it involves logic_ in hammer that randomizes a door in which you walk through to send you flying somwhere else on the map i.e. A Trap and F.Y.I. I moved this thread over to the Valve Games and Mod Threads, But thanks for the input!