Escape or hope they don't find you.

There we go, the FOV is much better now! :v: I spent the last 4 1/2 hours making and editing this. Hopefully it was worth it!
I’m quite good at posting with pistols but now I’m gonna be spending most of my time trying to learn to pose shotguns and rifles! :buddy:

I do not understand what is happening within this image.

Might be because it’s dark but it’s basically a rebel hiding from some agents sent after him!

4 hours jesus christ what did you do

Oh I see now; is it two rebels? Or is the rebel the one with the face, and the guards the ones in the light? Also, it is hard to tell, but it looks like the furthest back guard is leaning too far forward. As well, if the closest character in the white light is a rebel, why is he hiding in the light?

I’m not good with gmod or editing so it takes quite some time for me to do stuff; everyone has to start somewhere! :buddy:

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Actually there’s only one rebel. It’s the one from who’s POV you’re looking. The bald guy on the right is the “squad” leader, the person infront of him is the “top dog of the group” and the other two (you can see the leg of the runner) are just normal squadmates.