Escape - pages 003 and 004

I started a new project a while ago, in the hopes that when I got back to Gmod I’d be able to try it out. Here it is.

Page 001
Page 002
Page 003


Page 004


Nice, lol’d at the newbie getting squshed by a van.

Hahaha “Run over by a parked car”

Work on your posing.

That’s an awesome idea for a story, but the plot is a bit hard to follow at times.

great work PHDrillSarge , and that’s what you get when you save somebody in the end you get killed

Be more specific.

work on your posing throughout the entire comic

Will do.

damn ive been trying to get that achievment for ages lol!
nice story line and like the green ban hammer

The plot seems to be coming along nicely dude. A tablespoon of comedy, a slice of action, a sprinkling of drama, you have yourself a recipe for success.