Escape Pedo Bear

Originally created by: mribizza

I’m taking over this project and would like some help if anyone is interested.

Download current “Version 2” here:

Current Steam Workshop:

New one will be created later.

or you can just search for the Escape Pedo Bear game mode and join the FrustratedGamers server (Should be the only one live)

-Change Pedo Bear from Texture(?) to Player Model
-Add more Maps
-Possibly add randomly spawning items that give speed boost?
-ULX Menu Options
-Allow game to start with 1 player in game ✓
-change victims default player model
-improve pedo navigation
-possibly some other stuff

Current known issues:
-Map Vote allows you to vote but doesn’t not show that you voted

Anyone interested in this project will get access to a password protected server to test on if requested.

Let me guess, the default player model for “victims” is hot Miku?

Allow game to start with 1 player in game

Go into round_controller, go to the CanStartRound funtion and change it to this:

function GM:CanStartRound( iNum )
	if( team.NumPlayers(TEAM_PLAYER) >= 1)then
		return true
	return false

lelelel pedobear so funneh

function GM:CanStartRound( iNum )
	return ( team.NumPlayers(TEAM_PLAYER) >= 1 )

Tadah! Code shortening magic.


Oh i remember of this gamemode, buy maybe you need a jukebox, else it will be a bit… boring
I can Rember of them

Go to 39sec for the last one

If anyone can help sort that out, that would be amazing because I agree.
There have been people playing on my server for hours tho lol

Maybe WolfDJ, it’s working on my Server but i didn’t make a Auto-music start when the round begin :v:

Any mappers want to help work on new maps? the current ones are kind of whatever :confused:

Hey, which maps do you currently have?

I believe this is why we can’t have nice things in GMod…

We do have nice things though.

If we ignore the Workshop saves/dupes :v:

Every barrel has its bad apples, even if those bad apples constantly multiply and outnumber the good ones.

The ratio of bad apples to good is around 9001:1 now :v:

Ahh, the stuff we code for fun these days <3
Nice work! :smile:

All the maps are included in the download. They were just random ones made by the developer.

An issue that needs to be looked at by someone who is better at is the navigation for the pedo bear.

He will get stuck sometimes in certain spots when he should be allowed to jump.

I think this would be fun on a minigame server, i don’t think it is big enough or complex enough for its own gamemode.

You’d be surprised, even in its rough form there has been 15+ people playing for hours on it.