Escape the Horror - GM_Ghosthunt_2 edition(Very EARLY beta release)

[release] ** Escape the Horror**
Welcome to the cold coal mines, a group called the ‘survivors’ attempt to leave but there’s another team out there; the Looters. They don’t want witnesses of what they’ve done but neither of the sides know they’re alone…[/release]
Hey guys, this gamemode that I’m releasing would be the first gamemode i’d ever release. It’s not finished yet and out of 4 gametypes only 1 is coded in perfectly, one gametype ‘survival’ is VERY near finished but I want to add more to it first. The game type included will be Deathmatch, or ‘dmatch’ for short. Info:

** Game-Type’s**:
[release]Deathmatch(dmatch): Looters are pissed and survivors are a very likely target. Hide with friends or away from friends to keep the looters off your tail. It’s just you, your flashlight, some angry guys with guns and a lot of angry spirits.
Looters know there’s someone-else in the mines with them, but they don’t realize it’s not only you… You must as a survivor reach the end point and find the treasure that’ll set you free, while you’re doing that looters’ll be finding whatever they can…[/release]
These are the 2 gametypes that have definite concepts.
Now onto the core mechanics, specifically for the server owners, I aimed specifically for owners to get a feel of ‘choose your own shit’. In the shared.lua file you have over 70+ lines to customize the gamemode from such as;
-Currency(PointShop or GPoints - these aren’t near finished yet but there is compatibility for PointShop)
-Spawn Locations
-Item locations
-Weapons to spawn with
-Item Models
Ah fuck talking here’s the whole thing.
GM.Name = “Ghosthunt 2 - the Gamemode”
GM.Author = “Jayzor”
GM.Email = “”
GM.Website = “
Win_Prize = Win_Prize


GM.PointShop = false – Are you using pointshop?

– All customizable shit is here, or the stuff you can touch if you have no experience in lua.
serversettings = {}
serversettings.killpointssurvivor = 10 – if the player is on the survivor team how many points do they get per kill?
serversettings.killpointslooter = 0 – If the player is a looter then how many points do they get?
serversettings.deathpointssurvivor = 0 – How many points does a survivor lose for dying? (Do not do a negative number, there’s no need for it.)
serversettings.deathpointslooter = 0 – How many points does a looter lose for dying? (Do not do a negative number, there’s no need for it.)
serversettings.notifytime = 30 – How many seconds does a new notification popup?
serversettings.winningreward = 5000 – How much will the survivors get for winning? (5000 is recommended ONLY for GPoints!)
serversettings.joiningamt = 100 – How much will a new player get upon joining for the first time?
serversettings.ownersteamid = false – Put yer steamid here so you can get extra benifits and shit.
serversettings.usesql = false – are ya gonna use SQL to save shit? This isn’t finished yet so yeah :>
serversettings.spawnhealth = 100 --How much health does the player spawn with?
serversettings.spawnarmor = 100 – How much armor does the player spawn with?
serversettings.joiningmodel = “models/player/Kleiner.mdl” – what model does the player get on their first time joining?
serversettings.endgame = 1800 --How many seconds until the match ends?
serversettings.survival = false = false
serversettings.reqscore = 60 – score required to win for the looters in dmatch.
Win_Prize = serversettings.winningreward

endgame = {} – Add an entry here to make the gamemode cycle through the table and select random areas for the ‘endgame’ entity to spawn.
–endgame.pos1 = Vector( -2983.948975, 1447.961426, 384.034088)
–endgame.pos2 = Vector(-3006.836426, 1717.543945, 428.031250)
endgame.pos1 = Vector(0,0,0)

lootsettings = {}
lootsettings.amt = 250 --How much is loot worth.
lootsettings.model = “models/props/cs_assault/MoneyPallet02.mdl” – what model does loot use?

endgamemodel = { --models that the endgame entity can be.

models = {}
models[“models/player/odessa.mdl”] = 500
models[“models/player/kleiner.mdl”] = 250

survivorspawns = {}
survivorspawns.pos1 = Vector(0,0,0)
survivorspawns.pos2 = Vector(0,0,0)

looterspawns = {}
looterspawns.pos1 = Vector(0,0,0)
looterspawns.pos2 = Vector(0,0,0)

playerspawnsurvivor = {} – Items that the player spawns with if they’re on the survivor team. (I recommend you don’t give 'em too much.)
playerspawnsurvivor.item1 = “ghost_flight”

playerspawnlooter = {} – give em whatever.
playerspawnlooter.item1 = “ghost_flight”
playerspawnlooter.item2 = “ghost_357flashlight”

playerspawnghost = {} – what do the ghosts get?
playerspawnghost.item1 = " "

DeathTableSuicide = { – This table is the shit it says when a player kills themselves.
" decided to kill himself, what a fool!",
" couldn’t take it anymore, stupid nub.",
" was too scared!",
" ‘happened’ to trip and bust his head open, what a derp.",
" seems to think ghosthunt is too scary for him, L.O.L.",
" is a discrace to all of the humanity… or the server…",

DeathTableMurder = { --This table is the shit it says when a player gets killed.
" like a bawz.",
" becuz he’s so cool.",
" so go kill this asshat!",
“, silly durp.”

DeathTableMysterious = { --This table is the shit it says when a player dies mysteriously (worldspawn,map shit,etc).
" probably died from a ghost or someshit.",
" got their ass handed to them by a ghost.",
" probably stepped on a gun or some shit."

NotifyTableClientside = { – table that broadcasts messages to the player, y’know like “OHAI GAIZ PLZ DONATE”
“Welcome to this server, it’s hosting Ghosthunt the Gamemode!”,
“As a survivor killing looters will get you loads a dosh!”,
“Visit our website at: “…GM.Website…”!”
–No more touchy!
Now I’m not a great coder but I also coded this gamemode within the course of 15 hours so don’t expect a lot but I felt that there was a gamemode needed to go with Ghosthunt and I’ve made one for the original but that wasn’t too great so… But yeah PLEASE and I mean PLEASE post any bugs you find here!
You may customize this as you wish I could give a shit less.
** I have not personally tested this on GM_Ghosthunt_2 so positions for player spawns, item spawns, etc have to be done by YOU, the reason I can’t do it is because HL2:EP1 and EP2 were deleted accidently on my behalf.
Also make sure you modify the tables so it doesn’t make you or your server look retarded!**
Ghosthunt_Admin_AddPoints (Adds whatever points you want ONLY WORKS FOR GPOINTS NOT POINTSHOP)
Ghosthunt_Admin_AddToTable_Murder (Type a taunt here, basically when they die either from murder, mysteriously, or suicide it shows up for whatever table you added to.)
Ghosthunt_Admin_AddToTable_Notifications (Add to the notification table.)
Ghosthunt_Admin_Resetmap (No this does NOT restart the server or change the map it simply reloads the map and respawns all players and resets score,etc)
Ghosthunt_Admin_ReturnTable_Murder (Return what’s inserted in the tables or what you’ve added.)
Special thanks to Drew P. Richard for some help and a great amount of gratitude to Breadman for making this map!
Map that this gamemode was built for:

Would help if you gave us a link to the map as well I know you’ve said it but it would be easier to add it to your zip file or show a link to the map.

I need help setting up, add me on Steam please.

Holy hell, this is outdated and old as hell.

Sorry, I don’t even know the code anymore. :v: