escape_02 (final portal 1 map) crashes when viewing certain areas of the level

When I look at certain areas of escape_02 (the portal map with the GLaDos boss fight), Gmod has a high chance of crashing. It will exit to the desktop and display an error message which says something like “too many indices for index buffer. tell a programmer (BigNumber>BigNumber)”. This obviously isn’t ideal, and it’s very noticeable when using noclip or some portal gun addons (which seem to load the buggy areas and trigger the crash from a distance, at least that’s my theory). The affected area seems to be vaguely above where the two turrets are deployed by crane arms from the ceiling, but due to the nature of the crash, I can’t be too sure.

I tried decompiling the map in BSPsource and removing overlays (as I heard that some maps suffered from broken overlays in Gmod, and escape_02 does have a misconfigured overlay) and recompiling it with hammer. The resulting map worked just fine in Portal, but still triggered the same crash in Gmod. For some reason, hammer refuses to edit this map properly, and produces broken bsps that crash on loading when I edit just about anything, so I can’t troubleshoot precisely what part of the level is responsible. I’ve removed all prop_physics and prop_dynamic from the map via the command console, but the crash could still occur without them.

What is going and how can I at least work around it? Every other portal map functions perfectly fine, and are perfectly stable even with my portal gun addon. Only this one map is affected, which is rather sad, seeing as it’s one of my favorite Gmod maps :cry:

I decided to test a little more by reconfiguring BSPsource to decompile the map with no entities. The resulting map was perfectly stable, so it clearly is an entity issue. The level geometry isn’t at fault.

This map also seems to destabilize the editor even when it’s decompiled without errors, so it may not be 100% gmods fault. It often builds unloadable maps when recompiled through hammer, and sometimes the decompiled vmf just crashes hammer. Oddly, the Portal 2 Authoring tools don’t suffer from any of this, but the Portal hammer does.

After hacking away at excessively large portions of the level, I can confirm that the crash occurs because of an entity in the GLaDos boss chamber (which is the part I really wanted to play in D:). The cake room, outdoors area, turret trap, etc. are perfectly fine, and don’t destabilize either gmod or Hammer.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before, or is my computer a special little snowflake? I’m willing to do just about anything to fix this, including buying a brand new computer.

If you want to complain about crashes, post the associated .mdmp files or don’t complain at all.

I’m sorry for not posting them, I didn’t know where gmod dumped it’s crash files or what they looked like. Here are several examples.

Ok, delete all of your .mdmp files, add -noworkshop -noaddons -dxlevel 95 to your Steam Launch Options for Garry’s Mod and see if you can make it happen then.

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Nevermind that, I got it to crash with no addons.

If you want temporary solution, r_drawropes 0 will stop that specific crash.

Should be fixed on Dev

Thank you for the fix! I had a feeling all those damn ropes had something to do with it…