Escaped Mental Patient

This is the first pose I have made for this forum.
Tell me whats wrong with it so I can do better next time.

Funny with the guy up in the roof. Map is fitting, but cam angle doesn’t work so well. Zoom in a bit. Mental patient is floating. That pretty much ruins it. Use no collide to avoid this.

How did that guard got there? I mean the one in the roof lol

Floating super maniac. Run for you lives! :byodood: Oh and what is that map?


Posing looks a little stiff, lighting is fairly OK, guard in the roof seems pretty comical :v:, and the camera angle is boring.

Thank you. :smile:

Doesn’t looked like he has escaped.

WHOA WHOA, DA’ FUCK IS THIS?! You stole the first half of my name you bastard!
I’m joking, relax.
Anyways posing is terrible and the shot is kind of confusing.

he has not escaped yet