Escaping from infected facility.

It’s still generic. sry I’ll try somthing different next time. :slight_smile:

that is one AWESOME BEARD

that is one AWESOME BOOBS too

it’s technically competent but so help me if your next picture isn’t something new i will introduce my boot to your face. through the internet.

Ah gawddammit, get rid of the glow already.

I am starting to like these models.

I’m tired of you posting all the same stuff every 2 hours.

The fucking contrast.


this is like what all the camwhores does to all their pictures.

with 10 times less the duckface and 10 times more the contrast and glow. give up it up, bro.

Where the hell do we get those models?

The muzzle flash is way to small and there’s no shell leaving the gun…
But it’s a good picture otherwise.

can you actually release the models, and stop teasing us? woopdy doo you have models we dont have and theyre clearly done… no need to post generic pictures every few hours of the same thing showing us the models


Beard makes him more badass.

i’d be fucking worried if casings were ejected while the slide hasn’t even unlocked yet :byodood:

Welcome to the future.

Ahhhh it’s so fucking brown

The beard.


am i the only one that thinks that the body models are absolutely atrocious?

seriously, good job, ddok. you once again fucked up another picture by botching up the lighting by SHEFing the picture to oblivion.

seriously, just stop. i’ve warned you enough but i’m ready to nagasaki your fuckin home. these are awful. stop trolling.

i agree they look like small, fat midgets