Escaping Pripyat


Just using a bunch of random crap on my game and seeing what I could make.

Now that is a really bright blood

It’s some mod I found, it’s still better than the default blood.


Bah, I never seem to get any critique on any of my screenshots.

I like it, not over the top blur and the blood really isn’t an issue. The bag posing was also nice to cover the fact that it usually hangs over the shoulder.

Turn up AA next time just before taking a screenshot.

Holy Ma-Jeebus, what map? D:

And yeah, it is really bright blood :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why you should start with simple poses that i started with. Like the first one i posted was just some soldier walking. Also you can make some practice poses. :smiley: You might want to use Gimp or something to edit the blood. There are nice Photoshop brushes that work with either, i can give some hints and tips if not wanting to use that method and also into that method. I have been practicing from the time when i first edited blood.

That security guard guy has spilt his tomato juice all over the asphalt.

I know what you mean… I accidentally called someone in dark but red light strewn power armor an assassin and now every comment is on how assassins are dark, without lights…

I like the bag pose, and the guy looks like he’s running. May I suggest using gimp or photoshop (I use gimp) to blu the bag/ some of the guy so that he looks like he’s swinging it and running fairly fast.

aim_zavod_yantar_v2, judging by the filename

Aight, this pic isn’t all that bad.

The good things:
The camera angle, the posing.

Things you need to improve on:
Remember to use super dof, normal dof is bad. And always remember to press “Render.”
The blood needs to be darker.

But keep it up.

That reminds me L4D2 trailer…

It’s a CS map I got off of FPSBanana. It’s called aim_zavod_yantar_v2 I think.

this picture is awesome i wish i was good at posing just like you D:

I’d change the weapon.
Russian cops don’t carry Desert Eagles.

Otherwise, looks pretty nice!



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