Escaping the burning woods on a boat

Haven’t got photoshop yet so i’m editing these in microsoft picture manager & ms paint and they seemed to turn out ok.

Posing is pretty awkward and the one light source shouldn’t be casting light through the wooden beam, but I’m digging the scenebuild.

What exactly is awkward? They look like they’re about to jump on the boat?

They look really stiff, like there’s no sense of urgency. Also, most of the guys aren’t fingerposed, which doesn’t help.

??? Stiff? Only thing i think seems stiff is the back of the guy that’s jumping in the air onto the boat but that’s about it. They’re jumping one by one onto the boat so i don’t know about a need for urgency.

A “need for urgency” would be the “escaping the burning woods” part of the title.
The way they’re posed lends them a sense of, “Alright guys, one at a time now, take it nice and easy!” as if they’re preparing to get onto a carnival ride rather than fleeing a raging fire.

The only character who fits that idea is the guy jumping onto the boat, and his pose is unnatural. The way his right arm is waving outward with the elbow still tucked in toward his torso gives his jump a really weak, half-assed feeling. The way his left leg is kicking backward to the side is just plain bizarre, like he’s actually trying to do a jig.

As AFO stated they’re also not fingerposed, which just lends to the feeling that they’re really not terribly interested in escaping. Someone fleeing with urgency would tend to have either clenched fists or spread fingers, ready to grab something if they need to.

Simply put, they’re lacking in emotion. Try emulating their poses in front of a mirror and contrast those with the sort of pose you envisioned them having; there’s likely to be quite a difference.

That’s exactly what they’re doing, going in one at a time, nice and easy. It’s not like the woods is gonna burn up in 5 seconds, there’s just a fire behind them. I do agree that the left guy jumping does look like a derp but i thought having 60 pounds of armor would do that to your jumping.

i like the colors but i think they should’ve been stronger

see ya later fuckers

You’re not very good at taking constructive criticism.

You gotta ask yourself man, Does it matter more what other people see in my work, or, does it only matter what I see in my work? If its the latter then you should really think twice before posting your work and maybe just keeping it to yourself as personal pride a joy. I have to say I agree that they look awkward getting onto a boat so casually with imminent danger behind them. Maybe a guy knife-handing towards the boat for the others to get on would help, another guy looking back in awe at the destruction and glory of nature. I will say this though, those sun rays and smoke cover look fit as fuck…**

I’ll try to make a better pose with these models over the weekend, i do agree that the left jumping guy seems weird, but everyone else seems ok frankly. I personally don’t squeeze my arms when i’m in danger or jumping over stuff

While you personally don’t, you’re portraying other characters. Most of them are posed awkwardly. Don’t worry about it though, it’s a good start, and you’re doing good.

I wouldn’t call it a ‘start’ for CK considering everything.

looks like he’s about to miss the boat and slip

He said he was going to try again with the same models. I meant it towards that.

Oh gotcha, makes sense :v:

I really like this. I hope you make some more content soon.

A non-comedic picture by Crazy Knife? What the fuck is going on here

Trippy colors maaan