Escaping the police station.



Or what’s left of it. :smith:
(releases tags because butthurter find 'em sexy for some reason and has treatened me with a strap-on)

I am sexually attracted to the lighting.

Chromatic aberration to the extreme.

Actually no it’s just basic chromatic abberation, didn’t move the channels 200px away. :v:
I quite like it there.

Well to be honest it looks filter raped, like you mixed sharpness and chromatic aberration together and made this. I dunno i prefered your old stuff like this:

Just my opinion though.

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I mean look at it, less details normal looking. Your latest pictures make me think of bc2 where every entity has it’s own lighting and reflects it on your eyes.

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Fyi you should use sharpness with super duper detailed models not the ones from l4d.

lol that picture you quoted uses L4D models and has lot of sharpness and chromatic abberation.

Yes, but i can’t see any effect on the picture. It’s like vanilla source engine.

Wait I’m not quite sure I get your point, OP’s picture is basicly vanilla with basic photoshop tricks while the one you quoted is heavily edited. What are you asking for exactly? I’d be pleased to improve but first I need to understand your criticism.

I think he means not to overdo the chromatic aberration/sharpness filters.
That pic he posted has significantly less of those.

Zoey’s face looks so real. Shading is awesome.

I’ll go easy on the chromatic abberation next time but I still think that boat picture had waaaaaaaay much more of it, which is what confuses me.

Yes, what i want you to do is to stop doing monochromatic stuff and play with highlights,midtones,shadows and stuff, also do heavy editing like in 2010 and the pictures have to be brighter(well that depends on the subject of the picture). And it seems like a lot of your pictures have a boring overlay, that’s because this fashion has washed off over the years.

Look at Chesty
Fucking hot.

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When i say brighter i mean it in general, i can’t seem to understand where the hell the characters of the picture are.

Much better, now I see what you’re going for.

Your chromatic aberration is far too excessive on the OP.
It’s all over Nick. Only thing it does good is Emo Zoey. Everything else gives me an eyesore, I just have very weak eyes.

Seem that nightmate comes so fast.
Nice shadow. I hope I can play with some lamps.

I think I here Mister Struts, man.

Pretty nice, lighting brings it all together.

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I must say, you have the tits of an avatar

More Awesomeness! Keep it up! That lighting … as mentioned … is really good.

I love the lighting.

Nice posing and composition. I don’t like the lighting on Nick, but it looks good on the chick.