ESN {orion} Official ESN Mining Mod Spacebuild 2 server

Welcome to ESN Orion sector

Connect info:

Stable server with alot of LS addons and custom things to build your ships with. Low player traffic right now because its kinda new. Basically a fun to serious RP environment. This is not so much as a war server but weapons allowed (SBEP, HL2, CSS weapons).
I am the owner and the head admin over the server, all my admins are of a mature age (over 18) so you can expect professionalism and fine gameplay here though we all like to get a little crazy sometimes, hey thats what makes it fun isn’t it?

Simple rules:
No shooting weapons in attack or test on the spawn planet. Gooniverse has 2 planets that can sustain life so take your weapons testing to the other planet.
No mingeing
No spamming props, prop killing, pushing, etc.
No useless or minge E2.

To engage in battle, all parties fighting MUST agree to the battle, if someone says no then leave it be.
RP Scenario:
Though SB2 is not a RP gamemode you can still make up your RP experiance

Mine resources or harvest tiberium and refine them to power your ships and bases.
Fight for control of asteroid mining rights, tiberium zones, or core mines.
build ships, space stations or planetary bases and defend them from others.

In game events such as:
Example 1: (Capture)
An admin will spawn a small moon, your objective will be to capture it and hold it. Fight to take it, defend to keep it.

Example 2: (Infestation)
An admin will spawn infesters in various places, You mission if you accept will be to eliminate this growing threat.

Example 3: (Space Terrorism)
Admin spawns a timed nuke, you have to disarm it (simple depending on which bomb is spawned lol)

The ability to make fusion bombs has been eliminated!

What the future holds!
Future improvements, changes, addons, new servers!

ESN will be the first live server to host a SB4 server as soon as the gamemode is complete and I get the basic LS4 devices coded.
Also the ESN mod E-Space RP will be available soon after the release of SB4 and will become a public release.
The ability to sell your resources for in game currency which in turn can buy SBEP weapons, ship cores etc.
In game item vendors (Just like in WOW, basically a mall on the spawn planet)

In the very near future ESN will open a sandbox train build server. If this server does well it will stay online.
This server will include the mining mod but only the land based mining gear will be available.
The ability to mine coal to fuel a boiler to make steam or refine oil to make diesel, petrol (gasoline) to run your trains or whatever.
You can expect a stable environment and low lag (depending on whats being built, we all know the case here)

Anyways back to the server at hand!
Whats in the server:

ESN official Mining mod
ESN Mega LS2 rewrite (with ls3 models, large variety of things including animated wind turbines)
Gas V2.1 converted for LS/RD2
Oilmod rewritten with 12V solar panels, and gas frac towers Diesel
Wtib tiberium rewritten and made compatible with the LS system in place (sorry factories and dispensers were removed, so were the harvesters and growth accelerators as they are obsolete or have been recoded in the mining mod).
Pre spawned Tiberium nodes, Core mines Ore and Ice Asteroids for your mining and harvesting pleasure.
Wiremod extras
Easy Engine
New Spacebuild Tab:
SBEP tools
Ship Cores
Spacebuild Logistics (new caches, storages from mandrac’s model pack)

Resource query - Pressing “E” on a storage device will print its amount on your screen

The Server requires you have these so your not stuck downloading a ton of files:
wtib tiberium
LS3 entities (models)
SB3 mining (models)
Gas systems v2.1 (for models)
SB_Gooniverse.bsp (map)
Easy Engine
Mandrac’s ls3 models


Asteroid Models by: Mandrac
Mod Coding by: ESN (Melinda), and SnakeSVX
Miners, storage and refinery models by: SBEP team and Valve
Tiberium models by: Wtib team
In game HUD by: Night-Eagle

Special Notes

  1. This mining mod is expected to be included in or as an official addon for SB4
  2. This Mod is currently a private mod until its official release in SB4
  3. This mod WILL NOT be re written for SB3
  4. If you want a mining mod I have re-released the official SB2 mining mod on

Server doesn’t show up for me, but this sounds fucking amazing.

its being updated in the wire and source

update: Its back up now

bump for OP update

Damn I like your advertisement. Gonna tell my friends about this server.

yeah its pretty cool, still improving some features as far as the LS area goes

Looks good. Finally a good advert out of this pile of DarkRP servers hosted by 12 year olds.

lol considering i am probably the oldest person here…
The systems is too saturated with darkrp crap and admins who dont know how to admin

This is why I plan my moderation system before I make a server.

Nun showed up for me.?

Finally!!! A server Thats not RP!!!


Sounds amazing but do you have a trailer?

i dont have a trailer yet just images as posted in the OP
one of these days i’ll make some vids, etc

I will wait for your trailer! :smiley:

you may have a wait then lol as i have no way to make a trailer right now on this computer.

/whisper fraps