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Welcome to the Espionage Wars Thread! Now you may be wondering “What is this peculiar titled thread actually about?” well, Basically it’s a roleplaying game where you the player control a large or small PMC/PSC/Milita/Military/Business/Mercenary Group etc. and make Poses revolving around everyone’s factions may it be dealing, allying or even fighting an all out war!


Towerlight - *Pvt. Jenkins (OP) Download {Deployed: France, Norway, Pacific Ocean, Australia, Japan, Odessa}

Kobalt Korps (cobalt core) - Bloocobolt (Work in progress…)

Precision Gears Industries - Blitzkrieg Zero Download {Deployed: Japan, Canda} (Inactive)

S.T.O.R.M. - Greatdictator Download Download_2 (Inactive)

Battlemaster Mechanics - SniperComZero Download (Inactive)

Dvader & None - Dvader2 Download (Inactive)

VDI - Viper123_SWE (Inactive) Download

Vice Union - Rick VIce -Download {Deployed: Odessa}

Cartt Co. - Cone Download (Inactive)

FloundCo.Unlimited - TheGoodDoctorF (Inactive) (Investing in a Life-size Barbie Mansion)

Flux Technologies - Tastysub {Inactive}

Tbonian People’s Republic of Tbonia - McTbone Models are Private ask MCtbone for them {Deployed:Russia, Italy, Chechnya, Odessa}

Dogs Of Anarchy - Ninja Nub[NOR] (MISSING)

House of Wolves - Infab (MISSING)

Zephyr - ThelaughingGod (Inactive)

United Security Enforcement Corps (USEC) - OfficerHonkHonk {Deployed: France} (Dead or something I dunno lol)

Children of the Eternal Prophet - F T (T F) {Deployed: France, Mid-Western USA}

Ara Technica Land-Air Solutions (A.T.L.A.S) - T_T crai2 Download {Deployed: France, Italy} (Inactive)

Operation Detachment Quad (ODQ) - Quadbike

MLCtech - CrzyMlc (MISSING)

Mercy Co. (?) - Royalpain Download (MISSING)

Imperial Exiling Territory Forces (IETF) - Guidness (MISSING)

S.A.O.A - 7T3_H4CK3R Download (MISSING)

Accelerated Training Program (ATP) - TehAgentGuy Download {Deployed: Japan}

Modern Cog Industries - keybladebearer (Inactive)

Unknown Faction(Progress…) - MajorMattem (Inactive)

Zebra Force - Minimole Download {Deployed: NYC, Japan}

The Untitled Republican Corps (TURC) - Jim_Riley (MISSING)

BUTINA Security Forces - Grenade Man Download (Inactive)

The Vanguard - Fort (DEAD)

I.S.F - Fire Kracker Download (Inactive)

Black Eagle. Inc -El Verdugo Download (Inactive)

Remnants of the British Commonwealth -Bprince2010UK Dowload (DEAD)

Grey Storm -Kali/FloaterTwo, Alekos, CrzyMlc, Korro Bravin, dukov**{Deployed: N/A}**

Montreal Military Organisation -Mr. Face (Inactive)

Vey Mercenaries -Jflash (Inactive)

NWA -XanaToast {Deployed: Mongolia} (Inactive)

J12 -X -JIDE {Deployed:N/A} Download {Deployed: France}

NifeCo -Jacknife (Inactive)

EDF. (?) - recolour Download

Legacy Ind. -Geek.Neff Download

Bastion Defectors. -cheesecurls {Deployed: Odessa}

Mouvement Révolutionnaire Français. -Bliblixe

Factions Controlled by the OP and sometimes other players, and or not directly connected to anyone’s factions

U.N Peace Keepers - Not controllable/Playable Download {Deployed: France, NYC, India, Italy, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Canada, Japan}

Peoples Liberation Front - Not controllable/Playable (MISSING)

Angel Corp - Wraithcat {Deployed: N/A Faction is hire-able.} Download

The Current Wars Going On And What Maps They’re Going On In

1. France (Not many factions are still in france, and the few that are left are really just occupational forces.) - Resistance and Liberations Maps
2. Battle of New York - Apocalyptic Maps (Due to the orbital bombardment.) [NOTICE] BONYC is somewhat inactive.
3. Invasion of Japan - Neo Tokyo Maps
4. Defence of Odessa - Ukrain-y looking maps.

1. Quality Standards - uniqueness is encouraged (I highly encourage you to make your own units eg. hacking skinning etc.!), robots, zombies and cloned dinosaurs are commonplace, but anything like robot sonic, sandrakers, cadian guardsmen, ww2 US paratroopers in league with Waffen SS…Is definitely not allowed.
2. Don’t bitch/whine.
3. You cannot completely annhilate another person’s faction
4. Super Weapons (Nukes etc.) can be displayed and used on NPC factions (Countries etc.) but cannot be used against other players.
5. No Supernatural Stuff (If you guys really want Supernatural stuff, then we’ll take a vote, but currently it seems that people don’t want it.)
6. No Super Agents (eg. James Bond types.), Unless your faction is a one man army or something… then I guess there’s an exception.
7. No controlling NPC Factions (eg. US Military, GIGN.) Your allowed to have them in your poses and such but you can’t control there deployments etc. -The OP may act as a director of sorts (eg. deploying NPC Factions.)
8. You cannot ally NPC Factions.
9. No Infection/Virus Born Zombies
10. Your faction may not be a already existing faction from any universe, (for example belltower from DE:HR.)
11. Other worldly things are not allowed in most cases, but with a believable/cool backstory I may (the keyword is may) allow it
12. This is more of a suggestion then a rule but, If you think you aren’t so fly/good at posing consider waiting/leaving till you improve, then come back, people tend to pay more attention to your faction if you make quality content.
13. 1 faction per person.
14. No super heroes (dis falls under the category of one man army duuuudes.)

** The Template For Introducing Yourself And Your Faction**

1. -Faction Name-
2. -Faction Alignment- (Very Chaotic-Chaotic-Chaotic Evil-Neutral-Neutral Good-Good-Very Good.)
3. -Some of your units doing activites that your faction does-
OPTIONAL -The Leader of your faction-
OPTIONAL -Your headquarters.-

Hey guys, welcome to the information desk… I’ll just post a FAQ or something here

Q. What happens to my faction if I decide I want to leave the thread?
A. In the event that you decide to leave I will change your factions status to (MISSING)

Q. What happens after I join and introduce my faction?
A. Well, you join in of course silly :v: You will also need to link me to your factions models so I can add them along with your faction on the faction board.

Q. I’m getting bad feedback at my faction from the other players what do I do?
A. Listen to there criticism and take them into account and modify your faction a bit.

[H2]TIP: When uploading your faction for the OP please don’t upload to gamefront, as eventually they delete your file.[/h2]


If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in the OP feel free to add me on steam or send me a PM.

Bluetooth is going to make this so much more easier!

Do we have to re-introduce our factions?

People returning from the old thread that are well know and joined before like the last 3 pages don’t have to. Also if you guys could all post the links to your factions models it would really help me out.


Alright, If I’ve forgotten anyone in the OP in the Factions section just tell me and I’ll add them.

I want to do this, too late to throw something of my own into the fray?
Here’s mine.

Gentlemen, Allow me to introduce our new stronghold in France. Stalker units captured this and it will now become the base for all European Operations. Here are the key areas.
The Computer Room - Where the Hackers do their work

The Garage - Where we store our vehicles

The Bunker consists of two floors.
One for the Assassins

The other for the Stalkers

Finally, the leader of the European division, Codenamed COBRA, and his second in command.

No, Not at all :3.

Hey Jenkins, could you add Progress (as my faction) to the OP list please?



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ps. im shit with stitching, so many flaws~~~~

Tbonian People’s Naval Marines of the 4th ‘Typhoon’ Fleet practice their marksmanship on an off-screen dummy tank.

Aww. You left out PGI. </3
Here’s mine, I’ll have some action shots in a bit.

I am suprised guys . I never thought my lil thread idea would go as far a…warrant a version 2…actually that sorta confuses me why is there a version 2 exactly ?

(Also while im posteing . Sorry that i have been inactive as of late on the thread but i have been working on quite a few video projects in the mean time )

Ill reintroduce myself soonish :slight_smile:

Marines Prepare to ship out.

**Faction name: S.T.O.R.M **

The Storm organization is what youd call your every day bad guy type of organization . Its main goal let nothing stop it from global conquest .

With most of its tactics being based on overruning enemy positions and shock ,awe and terror based . And due to its raids on national prisons all around the world it has a infinite supply of killers to add to its horde.
The resoruces for these enterprises come not only from their war mongering nature but also from the funding it gets from sucesfull buisnesses that are established all across the globe rangeing from small buisnesses to large corporations .These of course usually serve as fronts for operations going on in the actual areas as well as their income.

Faction Alignment: Very Evil

**HQ:**Castle STRUM

Faction leader:(Comeing whenever i get a personal model @.@)

Robbing banks

Illegal experiments with nature

Assisting in conflicts in smaller and larger nations with internal and national conflicts

Raiding small defenceless towns and villages (and usually leaving them in ruin )

Stealing valuable information and items from cultural centers

Illegal arms production on massive scale

And raids on prisons in order to gain new troops

No supernatural stuff? This makes F T sad.

This is all you need to know about my faction.
This too.

Faction Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. (Evil, if going by thread standards.)

I’m on hiatus though, so I can’t pose shit until after.