Espionage Wars V2 Now with bluetooth

Two Towerlight sappers meet up with some TPAF Sappers for a group photo.

I kinda wanna join the Nub Crops, but I don’t have a perskin just yet.

Faction Name: The Brilliant Dr. Eye’s Mutant Army of Rather Certain Inevitable Doom (T.B.E.M.A.R.C.I.D) (just call us TBE)
Faction Alignment: Pretty damn evil
What we do: A whole bunch of cloning shit, plotting to conquer several countries, popping children’s balloons, going after S.T.U.R.M because they’re chucklefucks
Leader: The Brilliant Dr. Eye
Headquarters: Torn up hospital on an old battlefield located somewhere in Europe

Am very happy to see a new and improved thread. Good job jenkins!

Ara Technica Land-Air Solutions (A.T.L.A.S.) - Updated faction post. Please add to OP
ATLAS model pack

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed ATLAS safehouse…

ATLAS kill teams continue to pursue Korro and MLC. Plainclothes field agents begin infiltrating major occupied cities, hoping to track down any trace of the two.

Faction name:Urban Scrappers.

An unheard of group of mysterious clones that who they were cloned off of or where they came from is unknown. Led by Minimole who lacks any combat training which means that the sqaud isn’t that skilled when it comes to fighting in the battlefield.
They don’t have any specific territory they just set up sqauter camps at abandoned locations for short periods of time and mainly just wander.
They are very neutral and only attack anyone who is hostile and mainly just scavange abandoned buildings for supplies or tools and use the barter system as currency among themselves.

They mostly have a free mind and there own thoughts but obey any commands given by Minimole

Yes My soldiers are really strong totally.

And here are the models

I’ll join soon > With a new faction.

I joined like at the bottom of the last page of the old thread so i hope you guys dont mind if i just quote this again:

Faction Alignment: Neutral


Butina operators moving into France. Current number of troops: 16.

Ready to begin work for anyone with a full wallet.

Since my old concept was poopy I decided to relaunch myself with a proper espionage style thing.
And I guess I’m neutral or something, I just do shit for people who pay me monies :v:**
Dogs of Anarchy
**A well hidden and well trained asset willing to provide espionage assistance, covert ops, or combat devastation, provided the organization or individual knows how to call upon their assistance, the group members are from all over the world, to join you have to give up your former identity and accept becoming, in effect, another person.

Ninja Nub is the leader of the Dogs of Anarchy, having motives of his own to motivate his gains and the group’s.
His origins are unknown, and even his identity is unknown, but what is sure, is that he will stop for no one to achieve his motives, wether he has to work for this group or that group.
What is known is that he partakes in every operation, providing his squad with fire support and leadership, without him, the group would/will fall apart.

[Group Members Coming Soon]
(designs here) fuc fuck.jpg

The rules have been modified, so due to people wanting a quality standard, you cannot have 40k Cadian Guardsmen and medieval age assassins in your faction… so yeah, Gotta kinda reconstruct your faction a bit?

The Fruit Empire

Faction Alignment: Unpredictable

First of all, the Fruits enjoy stealing possible weapons from townspeople.

Then obviously, we are plants so we enjoy chillen and farming more melons. Also manufacturing more barrels.

Other Info:

Hats are very important to the empire. Hats dictate rank, the bigger your hat the more important you are. Most commanders wear traffic cones while citizens wear nothing.

Our main soldiers are Melon Troopers, Barrel Elites, and Banana Droppers. Melon Troopers are the ones who do all the dirty work, they are just average soldiers. Barrel Elites are well, Elites. They often handle the heavy stuff. Banana Droppers are our air support. They can’t hold a gun while flying so we had to implant explosives inside of them while they are growing, and when they are over an enemy they drop on 'em. Then they go boom boom.

Fruit weapons often consist of common household tools. Because they cant’ buy shit sense they blow up pretty much every gun store they see. However, some manage to scavenge weapons off dead soldiers. Guns usually go to the Barrel soldiers through.

Hey Jenkins, here’s the link for my dudes:
Glad to see some clearer rules too.

I’d be more active if I had people shooting at my guys

I mean they regularly kidnap kids to manipulate the parents into doing what they want, half of them are complete psychos for hire, and the most ethical thing on each of their resumes is blackmail and murder, yet I’m best buds with half the factions here

Okay… So I lost the Bio of Battlemaster, So… I’ll just Link the Models and Which ones I used.

Soldiers: (Add the info file. I used pretty much all of them.)
Weapons: (Most of them)
Drones: (Bipedal. Used the Normal, Security and Pilots.) (Both of them.)
Vehicles: (Land) (Air)

Now, Flag.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

There is no Nifian Industries, they are closed. But I am now a one-man company going by the name of Deos.

Assassinations, intel collecting, weapons dealing, money laundering all for a nice price of $3,000,000 (except in money laundering, then the fee is the same price of the money being transacted)

Just wondering, why is Nifan shut down?

Faction Name-Mercy Co.
Mercy Co. is a very small merc company which consists of about 200 strong men who only assist the good. They travel all around the world protecting thoes who need help and ask only for a few supplies such as ammo/medication and weapons.Mercy Co. has no intrest in money as they get all of there equitment through helping people and deals. There are very few bases for Mercy Co. but the headquarters is the penthouse in a hotel somewhere in the US.

Faction Alignment-Good
Will only help allies or atleast Neutral Good.

Leader-- Sgt.Wayne, deals with everything for Mercy Co. Only trusted members of Mercy Co stay with him and he has not been seen for a while.
Last seen photo.

Troops- My troops are the same uniform as my leaders but just with diffrent masks,helmets and so on. I have had them for ages but by the looks of the pictures I think they are in here:
Also Mercy Co. can be seen in any type of military transport.

Market crashes, soldiers rebelling, coup d’etat, lab experiments found out, the projects (Dr John Fredericks) escaped. So, I set up a one-man company and named it Deos.

I’m keeping my company.

Unexpectedly, Butina S.F. forces start hunting down Cartt Co. agents on the French battlefield. Presumably they where hired by a unknown third party.

France - Sainte Marie du Mont. 01:52 GMT

tldr. I suck at comics

Fuck, i just realized i probably used the wrong model for his troops. You guys need a better way to keep track of faction models because it takes weeks to go trough the old thread when i just want to pose.

I see one of Bloo’s Umbrella Corp mercenaries in the banner. Does that mean they are taken?