Espionage Wars V4: Stronger than a Turkish water-cannon

Stronger than a Turkish water-cannon…
Weaker than a threat by North Korea…
Colder than Margaret Thatcher…
Hotter than a solar flare…

Steam Group.

Welcome to the Espionage Wars Thread! Now you may be wondering “What is this peculiar titled thread actually about?” well, Basically it’s a roleplaying game where you the player control a large or small PMC/PSC/Milita/Military/Business/Mercenary Group/Cult etc. and make Poses revolving around everyone’s factions may it be dealing, allying or even fighting an all out war!


Ara Technica Land-Air Solutions (A.T.L.A.S) - T_T crai2

Athena Initiative - Thewildgure/Gron/Gurne Download

Bastion Defectors. -cheesecurls {Deployed: Odessa}

Children of the Eternal Prophet - F T (T F) {Deployed: France, Mid-Western USA, South-Western USA, NYC, Odessa, Brazil}

FloundCo.Unlimited - TheGoodDoctorF

Grey Storm -Kali/FloaterTwo, Alekos, CrzyMlc, Korro Bravin, Dukov{Deployed: Japan, South America}

Kebab/KABAS- Johau

Kobalt Korps (cobalt core) - Bloocobolt (Work in progress…)

LAD - Alexandroras {deployed: France, Odessa}

Musorshchik Mercenaries - Dark Lucario

Operation Detachment Quad (ODQ) - Quadbike


Precision Gears Industries - Blitzkrieg Zero {Deployed: Japan, Canada}

Struthio International Security - AfewOstriches. {Hired by Towerlight.}

Tbonian People’s Republic of Tbonia - McTbone Models are Private ask MCtbone for them {Deployed:Russia, Italy, Chechnya, Odessa}

Terrenus Mulciber - Fussy! Download

Towerlight - Pvt. Jenkins Download occupational force {Deployed: France, Norway, Pacific Ocean, Australia, Japan, Odessa}

Trinity Corp - Infab (WIP)

United Security Enforcement Corps (USEC) - OfficerHonkHonk {Deployed: France}

VDI - Viper123_SWE (Inactive) {Deployed: Japan, odessa} Download

Vice Union - Rick VIce - {Deployed: Odessa}

-X -JIDE {Deployed:N/A} Download {Deployed: France}

Zebra Force - Minimole {Deployed: NYC, Japan}

Factions Controlled by the OP and sometimes other players, and or not directly connected to anyone’s factions

U.N Peace Keepers - Not controllable/Playable Download {Deployed: France, NYC, India, Italy, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Canada, Japan}

Peoples Liberation Front - Not controllable/Playable (MISSING)

Angel Corp - Wraithcat {Deployed: N/A Faction is hire-able.}

The Current Wars Going On And What Maps They’re Going On In

  1. France (Not many factions are still in france, and the few that are left are really just occupational forces.) - Resistance and Liberations Maps
  2. Battle of New York - Apocalyptic Maps (Due to the orbital bombardment.) [NOTICE] BONYC is somewhat inactive.
  3. PGI Vs Towerlight vs Kebab Featuring Japan - Neo Tokyo Maps Faction Map
  4. Nuclear Wasteland of Odessa - Destroyed as fuck Ukrain-y looking maps.
  5. Kabas Invasion of Russia- Russian maps

  1. Quality Standards - uniqueness is encouraged (I highly encourage you to make your own units eg. hacking skinning etc.!), robots, zombies and cloned dinosaurs are commonplace, but anything like robot sonic, sandrakers, cadian guardsmen, ww2 US paratroopers in league with Waffen SS…Is definitely not allowed.
  2. Don’t bitch/whine.
  3. You cannot completely annhilate another person’s faction.
  4. Super Weapons (Nukes etc.) can be displayed and used on NPC factions (Countries etc.) but cannot be used against other players without the other players consent.
  5. Supernatural stuff is only allowed if** all the other players consent to it**.
  6. You can have agents with expertise such as elites and veterans, but do not make them have ridiculous power or be invincible/mary sue types.
    6b. One man armies are also not allowed, unless they’re part of an existing, active faction. The above also applies.
    6c. No super heroes/villains.
    6d. No X-men.
    6e. Faction leaders are (possibly) an exception as long as they’re fighting other faction leaders, but cannot kill eachother, and rule #3 still applies.
  7. NPC factions can be interacted with, but not controlled. You can fight them, but not deploy them.
    7b. You cannot fight just NPC factions only.
    7c. You cannot ally NPC Factions.
  8. No Infection/Virus Born Zombies
  9. Your faction may not be a already existing faction from any universe, (for example belltower from DE:HR.)
  10. This is more of a suggestion then a rule but, If you think you aren’t so fly/good at posing consider waiting/leaving till you improve, then come back, people tend to pay more attention to your faction if you make quality content.
  11. 1 faction per person.
  12. Orbit is the furthest you can go to in space.
  13. Aliens are not allowed.

The Template For Introducing Yourself And Your Faction

  1. -Faction Name-
  2. -Faction Alignment- (Very Chaotic-Chaotic-Chaotic Evil-Neutral-Neutral Good-Good-Very Good.)
  3. -Some of your units doing activites that your faction does-
    OPTIONAL -The Leader of your faction-
    OPTIONAL -Your headquarters.-

Hey guys, welcome to the information desk… I’ll just post a FAQ or something here

Q. What happens to my faction if I decide I want to leave the thread?
A. In the event that you decide to leave I will change your factions status to (MISSING)

Q. What happens after I join and introduce my faction?
A. Well, you join in of course silly You will also need to link me to your factions models so I can add them along with your faction on the faction board.

Q. I’m getting bad feedback at my faction from the other players what do I do?
A. Listen to there criticism and take them into account and modify your faction a bit.

TIP: When uploading your faction for the OP please don’t upload to gamefront, as eventually they delete your file.

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in the OP feel free to add me on steam or send me a PM.

Glory to The Tbonian People’s Republic of Tbonia!

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