Espionage Wars V5: Sadder than Prey 2 getting canceled.

Stickier than a brony’s keyboard…
Sweatier than the aftermath of an 80’s coke orgy…
Louder than Howard Dean losing the Iowa Democratic Caucus…
Less stable than the Russian economy…
Windier than a Taco Bell bathroom…


Alright, new thread.

Let triumph be for Penumbra Corp!


I have discovered a GYPSY TRICK to edit the OP!

Ah Technology. Helpful some days, absolute bitch on others!

Ok so, get this. I am using black magic to fool the system. In order to edit the OP, you have to completely empty the post box and copypaste an updated post with all the changes from a txt file or something. Good thing I have just that.

Since I don’t see it in the rules, are we allowed to sieze territory now?

And so it begins.

You can never utterly control territory. Only have influence over it, I think.

First post! is immediately shot for doing this stupid “First” crap

God, these pictures always come out way darker than they looked in the game. Also gimp has apparently deemed me unworthy to use it anymore so I can’t touch up images now. Fuck technology.

Good news, I will return to this thread with a whole new faction and some hacked models I am currently slicing together. I have taken the criticism from my last faction and will now implement it into my new one, cheers I guess.

this is more or less a filler post to say “I’m still here”

That MG Fire… How do you do the glow effect? I’ve been looking around for a tut on this for ages but found nothing.

Just use a lightbulb, make it invisible with the colour tool.

I’m going to be salty and buttfrustrated for the entire duration of this thread just because we got another pretty new OP image without GS or the SSR getting any love.

So THAT’S how it’s done? And here I’ve been looking around for a tut. to do the exact same thing on Photoshop or Gimp.

Thanks Rick! I owe you one!.

Indeed Ken. It’s a really simple trick but it goes a long way for that extra bit of realism.

Let’s hope you don’t have to wait three years like I did.

Hey you were in the “Enjoy your Stay” banner last time!

Towerlight got cut too dog as!

savage i got featured in the banner

Cough Cough Forgot about the Karkhiv Raiders