Espionage Wars V6: It's like a party but everyone's throwing up.


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What is this thread?
Basically this thread is a roleplaying game where you the player control a large or small PMC/PSC/Milita/Military/Business/Mercenary Group/Nation/Cult etc. and make Poses revolving around everyone’s factions may it be dealing, allying or even fighting an all out war!

Useful Links

Deviantart Group

Click the hyperlink to the wiki page to check out the rules, please do this semi-frequently. If you have any questions about the rules ask the GM’s

Rules of the thread.

Rules are subject to change.

These guys control NPC factions, Help out the OP (Me) with the rules and decisions, and can answer any of your questions.
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These guys maintain the Wikia and Deviantart group and map.
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Faction Introduction Template (For new players)

  1. Faction Name.

  2. Faction Alignment and/or mission. (Very Chaotic-Chaotic-Chaotic Evil-Neutral-Neutral Good-Good-Very Good.)

  3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff.

  4. (OPTIONAL) The leader of your faction.

  5. (OPTIONAL) A pic of your territory.

Factions controlled by other players.

Annointed Warriors of Allah. - Laggies

Blackforce Corporation. - Kommandant298

Children of God. - F T

Eastern Legion. - Bottle Boy

Elios Corporation. - DaFrostIsReal

Guardia Sombra. - F T

Grand Duchy of Baltia. - VenomBlizzard

Grey Storm Air Force (GSAF). - Kali

Kraaivuur International. - Redcoat893

Firebrand Confederation. - -Rusty-

Kuril Republic, The. - Ninja Nub[NOR]

Nemean Lion. - Phenix_360

Papilon Solutions PMC. - Taggart

[Penumbra Corp.]( _Corporation) - CSLeader

Phoenix International. - Sir_Leaf

Platine Commonwealth, The. - PeixeSierra

Republic of Boliveria, The. - Slim Charles

Sovereign States of Honshu, The. - Slim Charles

SABRE International Security Investment Group. - RobDavids25

Smokkelaars Alliansie, The. - ScienceGuy44

Sparrow Corporation. - jugerbro

Talon Security Solutions. - Mralexs

Trinity Corporation. - Infab

Vaspo Defence Forces. - Lucky9Two

United Republic of Karaq. - Rick Vice

Viper Defense Initiative. - Viper123_SWE

World’s Liberation Army. - _angel

Xin Syndicate. - wotman

Soviet Republic of Provideniya, The. - Luahelper

Raven Consortium, The. - TacoManz

Civil Nationalist Front. - georgeebizzle

Goldtop Security. - Minimole

United Roman Republic, The. - ussr68

Tiger Company. - VincentVanGoat

Ares Nómadas. - Luxuria

Gecko Group. - justinl132 on Hiatus

Republic of Herrera, The. - DaFrostIsReal

Kozlovia. - Afran

Bogotá Carte, The. - Afran

Divine Order of Christ’s Blood. - Creatrick

Reichstadt. - RoblixWW2

Raptor Industries. - rama2299

Republic of Prochnost, The. - DatCheez

Recreational Federation of Costa Rica - Rick Vice

Phalanx Dynamics. - Icy Fire

Democratic Republic of Kergikstan, The. - FBI SWAT GUY

Republic of Utarica. - Vlog

Coalition of Guadeloupe and Martinique - Scorpo

Neo Russian Federation - Chibi_Scrub

United Provinces of Argent -EdwardDewey89

Union of Bavaria - BearingMetro

Republic of Arcadia - Redcoat893

If you have not been actively posting for several months, you will be removed from the list due to inactivity.

These are the NPC factions other than the real life countries that are controlled by the GMs (And players with the GMs permission)

Regional NPC Pack. Countries militaries that don’t already have models of them in gmod/sfm. use these models as stand-ins. (Credits to -Rusty- and CSLeader for the models)

Global Reporting Network. International news service that can and will report on anything possible, like small skirmishes in obscure countries, or Bane losing his ‘Biggest Guy of 2015’ award.


Q. What happens to my faction if I decide I want to leave the thread?
A. In the event that you decide to leave or are absent for a long period of time your Faction will be removed from the OP and moved to the inactive category on the wiki.

Q. What happens after I join and introduce my faction?
A. Well, you join in then numpty.

Q. I’m getting bad feedback directed at my faction from the other players what do I do?
A. Listen to there criticism and take them into account and modify your faction a bit. rles-db6dase.png

Credits to Kali for the banner

And then we begin


The new order has begun

The link to the Towerlight dudes is dead[/T]

The Raven Consortium is made up of many other militias in the Middle-East and several other regions with the one goal of driving outsiders out of the Middle-East and showing dominance over them. They are quite violent and known to be irrational (Chaotic-evil). However they have several small bases/outposts around the Middle-East but no main base of operations.


The first target of the Raven Consortium is appearing to be Syria. Rumors are they are on the move and fully prepared.


Is there more to this rule? It looks like it just cuts off.

And so it begins again.

god bless the superior thread

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Also it’d be appreciated if my faction was added to the OP…thanks :slight_smile:
My wiki page:

At the suggestion of FT, here’s my recent post from the last thread.

To understand this, read the previous entries to get the Idea.

  1. Ambush.
  2. Reaction.
  3. Torture.
  4. Intel Briefing.

To be continued…

We get it ok, you want to suck a turd out of Jenkins asshole and you hate FT. Go be a pest somewhere else.

Man those soldiers gotta have some magic powers or something, their hands arent even holding their weapons, in other words, use the fingerpose tool.

I normally use fingerposer but today I’m a bit busy and I wanted to say that I leave the conflict.

I think i’m out for good now since I can’t be arsed to remake my guys again.

Somewhere in the remote countryside of Romania, two men show up to make some farmers disappear. Paid off by the 'Land Baron Samuels' that has struggled to make a deal with the ranchers; he's resorted to other means to get what he wants.