Espionage Wars

After i was done with my leatest movie the ending gave me a idea for a screenshot based game here on Facepunch. Not sure if its a game or just something like a themed thread where rival espionage agencys (good and bad ) fight each other , deal with each other , and try to takecontrol of the world (except the good guy agency’s )

Some small rules though :

No Doomsday weapons they can be shown but not used .
No super agents (in terms of james bond and the like)
You cannot fully take down each others agencys

Base idea is make pictures of what your organization looks like , its activities and what its doing
Minimal things you need to show first

The name of your agency (the acronyms arent nessecary to explain )

Robbing banks and stealing valuable items as well as larger goods transports units (ships , planes , trains etc ) . Raiding smaller defencless towns . Assisting in conflicts in smaller and larger nations with internal and national conflicts .Breaking inmates out of prisons for recruitment. Drug and weapon dealing .Illegal experimentations .

Inner sanctum and your organizations HQ

Castle Sturm

(villan is optional )

Your logo/insignia (also optional )

And some one or more shots of your organization or your activities


The Grunts:
Grunts are the backbone of the STORM organization .They are vicious , blood thirsty and will kill anyone unless said otherwise . Though this could be because most of the recruitment for troops comes down to breaking out inmates out of entier prisons and recruiting them into their rank. Not just from prisons though . In citys with high crime rates recruitment is also happening in secret . From the Grunt spawns all the upper ranks .

STORM mainly implies shock and awe to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers tactic which is the main reason why most recruitment is from gangs and from breaking out prisoners

The Heavy Gattling Gunner:
This unit is a frontline support unit that supresses down enemys and can absorbmost small arms fire short of a missle or grenade launcher. They are usually at the head of a attack on a more open battlefield.

The Heavy Flamer:
The Flamer is a more special branch of unit seeing as most flamers are natural Arsonists . Flamers are used as Shock and Terror troops to induce fear into the enemy . Usually Laughing all the way .

The Heavy Demolitionist:
The Demolitionist is alot harder to recruit , since most demolitionists have to endure alot more pain due to less armor . But they carry the ordenance of 2 tanks.

Thier weapons can be found here

The Heavy Shotgunner:
Its pretty simple . These are what most Grunts advance to if they want to go into the heavy armors. Like the Flamer he is a shock trooper and is usually employed in CQC(Close Quarters Combat ) he can usually tear through enemys . With some small enhancers he can break down even the most barricaded doors.

The Elites:
The Elites are essentially those who get the ranks of Sargents , Luitenants and Commanders. And command anywhere from squads of 10 to 40 troops :
Besides the increase of rank getting the commanding rank means the trooper survived long enough to become one meaning they are highly dangerous . The 2 ways to advance in Storm are as follows . You KILL alot or do something outstanding.

You can find all the Infantry here:

Download them here

The SAVAGE Tank:
The SAVAGE tank is a slightly modified T-72 with a more automatic reloading system , which lets it shoot faster and change shell types faster. The extra armor on the side and behind is also a good upgrade

The HA1T attack Chopper:
The HA1T attack Chopper is a simple attack chopper the main diffrence is that one of its primary ammos is Armor piereceing which can tear apart lighter vehicles .

The SCAR APC Troop Transport:
A standard APC modified with a turret for both Anti Infantry and Anti Vehicle capability . It has rather light armor in comparison to most APCs and can carry only up to 6 units

The H8 Hellfire combat aircraft:
The H8 is the leatest in aireal dominance . The craft is also capable of quick bomb strikes for quick in and out bombardments thanks to its quick and easy to attach bomb magnets on its sides . But it has to leave out missles to attach the bombs

The Siencetists:


Small note: I took these with Fraps way before i knew about devshots_screenshot so im sorry bout the quality.


I’m in, my organization will be the U.N.R.E.G.I.S.T.E.R.E.D.S.E.X.O.F.F.E.N.D.E.R.S

or is that too long

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wait no it’ll be R.A.S.T.A with a bunch of demomen and shit

i’ll post pics tomorrow

But you didn’t really explain what your organization does. How they earn money, etc etc.

Well its not that hard to imagine . Its essentially like most evil organizations do it . Through fronts , supplying drugs , weapons , mercs , robbing banks and stealing worthwhile stuff . Ya know the usual. And like said evil organizations are ment to try and take over the world while good ones try and protect it. Its best to keep it simple really but one can put in descriptions of their organizations if they want to

Current operations
Dealing with people that dont know how to pay for their shipments of guns and drugs

And acquiering more goods (from night to dawn )

-actually i have a way better idea-

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Oh gawd… Dat Heavy face.

Name of Organization: C.A.T.A.C.L.Y.S.M

Leader: Robo-Engie

Location of Organization: Abandoned Dark Warehourse

Activities: Turning people into Fez Agents, which in turn do the standard evil things, like arson, murder and jaywalking.

its time to play


(on a small side note and for more accurate retaliation pics , these are the models im useing )

Pfft, bombing bases? We use our Reanimator to kill all of them, turn them into zombies, and then employ them!

Poor guy. He’s the head of security now, though.

this thread is so beautiful

“i blew up your entire base in the first turn and there’s nothing you can do about it” seems like the sort of stupid move a 4 year old would pull if you were playing toy soldiers or something.

This would actually be a cool idea if it was executed better. The thread that is. Right now it is just way too open to trolling… pity.

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Erm i did state at the beginning that you cannot destroy somebodys organization fully . And i specifically say its a PLANT not a HQ my friend . Thank you

Still seems like a pretty retarded ‘first move’ to me, though.

Well technically its not like im forbiding him from doing something similar am i ?

You’re not, but it’d seem logical to start things off small instead of just fucking each other over on a massive scale in the first couple of turns.

Okey then thats fair enough i suppose . Should i make that a rule ? Im sorta trying to make the thread overall better hopefully as we go on

Kid 1: I blew up your base!
**Kid 2: **Nu uh! It’s made of titanium!

I like the concept, but you need to improve your posing. Try practicing when you can.