Espionage Wars

Now as newaxe stated i know this thread isnt that well executed but…i would like to improve that . If anybody has suggestions on rules/what to do id be welcome to hear em out .

Jungle base

Rented out some troops and equipment as mercs to middle eastern dictator to get rid of rebels for extra cash

Makein a deal with CATACLYSM agent

The merchandise

Eh… You still need to improve your posing.
What technique do you use?

I might create an organisation at some point, just need to do some stuff first.

This could be more organized, and I know that has been stated.

Why don’t you follow it out like paintwars and use freeforums or something to create a site where everything can be organized and turns can be played out in thread between factions?

I really don’t think creating a forum is necessary

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It’s time for spring cleaning!

Slowly picking off small groups of S.T.O.R.M, what you up to?

I gotta say, I like this idea, and I wanna make an organization. Just wish there were some basic rules.

This is my flag! For a organization that has not yet become of existance… Tomorrow it will though.

This could turn out pretty cool, I’ll probably join in.

Well i just use the winded stand up tool and go from there depending on if i can .
Everyone else:
To all those that think this can be abit mroe organized HELP out suggest what we could do . Theres very little rules cause i dont think that they are limiting and keep it open for all participants to have a variety of types of organizations.


P.S Muffin (and everyone else ) please try and come up with larger variety of units . So theres some variety other then one kind of troop . Thank you

Also as a small incentive to participate . Im offerin up to make banners/logos for organizations that dont know how to make their own to those that keep participateing.
SO muffin man is the first to get his.

And heres a version that you can use in post edit to put them on stuff easier .

Hey Greatdictator, is it alright if you use personal skins as leaders?

Of course. If one can use TF2 charchters i dont see why one shouldnt be able to use personal skins.

(after all i am changeing skins on vehicles as well )

So then, just a few more minutes and my organisation will be ready to go public.

Here are two “special” mutants and their weapons and abilities that I haven’t posed yet

-Zombie Medic - Bonesaw, biting, clawing - Can only be killed when the brain is damaged or destroyed
-Reanimator - No weapons - Summons them and teleports away like a little girl

there’s going to be more as time goes by

And thanks for the logo!

The teleportation thing seems kinda OP wouldnt you say ? Maybe just make it a machine on a vehicle thats essentially serves as a entry/spawn point ?

(Im mainly asking cause most of my units so far are…well to put it simply rather obvious weaknesses/uses and dont have special procedures for them to need to explain them )

Oh yeah, and my hideout is an old abandoned hospital

Ehhh i thought youd go for a creepy castle as a hideout ? (also you didnt say what you thought of my proposal for the reanimator concept )

Creepy castles are overrated!

Well the reanimator isn’t really strong, once he teleports, summons the very weak pyro zombies, and teleports away, he doesn’t come back for the rest of that battle. And the Pyro zombies aren’t powerful, they can’t bite or claw at you so they hold onto you and try to knock you down. Basically, they just spawn, try to grab ahold of you, and when they do, they don’t let go unless forced off. Basically it’s like the clot from Killing Floor except they don’t really do any damage.

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Dr.Eye prefers hospitals, and when the last of the mutants arrive the place will be creepy with all of the dead bodies

Let’s get this shit started then…

Organisation’s name: Dvader & None (Because I’m a solo kinda guy)

Leader: Dvaderv2 (Well, I did kinda make it obvious in the company name…)

Location of Organisation: Various residences, warehouses, and establishments around the world, however we do have headquarters in and around London, and we are seeking to rent out a big residence in Chelsea (Numbered 165 or something like that).


Engaging in firefights with other organisations, and usually winning (With a good percentage of civilian deaths thrown into the mix)…

… ‘appropiating’ supplies from rivals…

… and more. I’m not gonna say anything more about it.

Troop types:


These are generic minions that are fearless and utterly loyal. With combat knife, firearm, and grenade, they’ll fight the foe. They know defeat only when they are dead.


These guys and girls are some of the organisation’s most experienced, ruthless, and skilled individuals. They are tasked with carrying out stealth missions, assassinations, theft of supplies, and other deeds that are most dangerous, though they can fight as regular troops if need be.

Vehicles (Well, that’s a first ain’t it?):

Challenger 2 tanks, Humvees, Eurocopters, Black Hawks, Harrier jets, and LHD-2 Wasp ships.

Models of my organisation (Because I’m kind): - My personal skin, and the troops - This is the pack where you’ll get the Harrier
All other vehicles can be found easily.

Slow progress on some bionic troops, only 3 of them made so far.