Essential Server Plugins for Casual Host

So my friend and I just recently got back into Gmod (not sure why we ever left) but he cant seem to host a server (I dont know what hes doing wrong) so I have to host it all the time.

Thing is, I would like to put some plugins on my server that helps with constructing stuff and makes gmod less of a hassle (we spent 4 hours building a fortress in the sky last night just to have one of the props he spawned and tried to move end up crashing the server).

So is there any suggestions for some nice plugins (I dont need things like prop protection, just some things to help build stuff, maybe like a prop saver that actually saves things we build to our hard drive, etc) that I can install, as well as a link to the easiest guide you know of?

Ive looked around a little and theres a few different ways of installing plugins, I dont know what is the most current/easiest.

Is SVN the easiest?

Just a noob trying to set up a decent server with the least amount of hassle.

Thanks in advance.

There’s a lot of different addons, if you can add me on Steam and I’ll help you out with finding the ones you want and installing them :buddy:
My Steam link is under my avatar.

Try getting things like precision and PHX (Unless PHX comes prepackaged, can’t remember.) just look around, they have tons of good building tools. :slight_smile:

I recommend wenlis tools, good ones for building.