Esther from trinity blood as Alyx replacement hl2 series

I’ve been looking for different skins and i’ve seen some from bleach and other anime characters. I was just wondering if anyone replace alyx with esther for the hl2 series since i don’t know how to make skins or anything of the sort.

Anime in source is always crap, i hate the stuff anyway but as models it turns out and looks horrible.

Well not to be rude but some things are not meant for everyone.

Well then what would be the point in this being made if nobody but you liked it, it would be a waste of time modeling.

Not really how is it a waste if someone likes it. It would be a waste if someone made it and no one used it. Since i’m going to use it it’s not a waste.

But what would you honestly use this for?

Seeing as nobody ever likes Anime in GMod i can’t see this being any use for anything practical without getting flamed.

LOL i didn’t mean for gmod i’m talking about a replacement alyx for half life 2 and the episodes. Considering i don’t want a naked alyx or a digimon. Sorry if i wasn’t specific on the idea.

I would imagine the biggest issue modelers would have with making this is making her dress. The only females with dresses I’ve seen in GMod were all ports from various videogames.

In a way yes. You see for example the fakefactory 10 used completely different clothing from GOD only knows where. Yet i still think my idea is cleaner than others. So if anyone can do me this favor it would be kind and besides it’s just going to replace alyx for the games not gmod so people wouldn’t say it’s a “waste” when it’s going to be used.

Ok is anyone going to do this or was it a complete waste of my time…


I’m pretty sure it is.

Just goes to show people won’t help someone because people thinks it’s a “waste” when SOMEONE (me) actually wants this. I swear i don’t even see a point to requesting if these people can’t think at all.

IF you want it so god damn bad, model it your damn self.

There aren’t a terribly large amount of people that take requests in this section either, so if yours isn’t taken, don’t be too mad.

yeah well i guess so. I don’t see how i’m actually crying for something i didn’t get when i stated my opinnion. Of course because i just said thta “SOMEONE” which i already know who is going to post a comment accusing me of doing something wrong yet again…Oh…joy.

Yeah, Anime is like a retarded stepchild on Facepunch. Nobody likes it, and the people who do are looked upon as outcasts.

Of course, the people who treat said people like outcasts vary from being respecting of others opinions to being total assholes.

Personally, I don’t think anime models look terrible in source, they only really look bad because of how faces are usually done. Which is a simple texture, while this isn’t bad. It looks like shit when in a Texture Quality setting less than Maximum (My computer defaulted to Medium and everything looked terrible.)

As much as I like seeing anime stuff on Gmod, I have no ability to make it happen, as I can’t model.

That’s ok.