Esther's Sandbox now up!

I posted about 3 weeks ago that i would buy a server and i finally bought it
heres the information to join, and its on a custom map (dont complain about it being small, its a fair size and i plan on adding to it, anyway, motd:

and connection information:

wat map?

There’s a Server Advertisement forum for this.

And I suggest you make a better MotD.


wait no swearing ahhahhaa

the motd is accually just something i whipped up, i need an official one still, i know :stuck_out_tongue:

Trip report:
T+15s: Donations for server admin? Oh boy, this is classy.
T+30s: switches tools server crashes

yea if you were on the server, i was uploading a new map, zm_virusinsidejoesbody and i was uploading a headcrab pill, and restarting server multiple times so it never crashed

dont use flatgrass… use a fun one like excess construct or something uunique

im in the making of one. its called gm_construct_esther (just a whip up) but its going to have more

Don’t use another construct remake because no-one will play it.

its not a remake so stop being a smartass, its custom, it just has plaster textures like in construct, the map itself looks pretty good so far