ET: Quake Wars ports?

I’m not initiated in the art of model porting, but I was wondering whether it’d be possible to port models from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. And if so, could someone do it?

I’m sure it would be much easier than most things. Got any pics of what your after?

Specifically, the Strogg Constructor (dude on the left sorrry it’s the only pic I could find)

Better-ish pic:

removed due to seeing above post before editing ^^

I don’t know what you’re talking about :smug:



Would prefer it without the spike-arm, maybe just the other hand mirrored?

Not trying to be pushy or anything, but how’s it coming along?

What coming along, did someone say their doing it?

No, I just kind of got the hint when you said it’d be easy enough.

I don’t have the game :frowning: Else i’d have a go (though i’m not to good at ragdolling and can’t do any rigging atm)

I have the game, is there any way for me to port them? Maybe get S-Low (but I doubt he’d do 'em) to ragdoll them?

Is there any .MD2 or .MD3 files lying around in the folders? Or .pk3 files more likely actually.

I have the game also, and I support this. I want to do Team Fortress vs The Strogg.

Hmm, imagine the Heavy Weapons Alien?

A Strogg Heavy? Now you’re talking.

Well here’s whats in my Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars Base Folder:

game000.pk4, game001.pk4, game002.pk4, match.cfg, pak000.pk4, pak001.pk4, pak002.pk4, pak003.pk4, pak004.pk4, pak005.pk4, pak006.pk4, pak007.pk4, pak008.pk4, public.cfg, usergroups.dat, usergroups.example, zpak_english000.pk4, zpak_english001.pk4, zpak_english002.pk4, zpak_english003.pk4

adng the bots, megatextures, and a video folders.

Well if the pk4 files are like pk3 ones you can extract the contents with a zip extracter.

Here’s what i personally want to see the most:
-GDF vehicles
-Strogg Cyclops

I found Strogg and Human .dds files in C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base\pak001.pk4\generated\dds\models\characters\strogg
Human and Strogg animations in C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base\pak000.pk4\generated\animb\models\characters\animations\

Still cant find the models

If its like UT the anim files will have the models in them aswell, what format are they?

Really would like to see some of the vehicles. Also, am I the only one that, upon seeing this abbreviation thinks along the lines of:

Apologies in advance, rate me dumb.