"ETA 10 minutes"

this is my first picture and first time editing with photoshop.

please c&c!

Im sorry if the picture is too big!

For a first picture this is awesome, and for a first time editing this is awesome too.

You killed two birds with one stone.

HAHA! thanks F T! it really means alot!

You’ll go far

thank you hairy!

Do you give lessons? :v:

finally a fucking copypaste background that actually FITS

i’m with Hairy on this one

haha i NEED lessons!

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haha thanks man!

I love it. Whats the background picture from? Got original?

Reminds me of F.E.A.R a little. Nice!

here you go! its my desktop wallpaper, gotta love japan for their sexy cities!

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yeah it does lol thanks! all we need it little Alma crawling into the helicopter!

wow finally someone who doesn’t make a picture that looks like crap

I think I can say this for many people, this is waaaay better than my first work. Very promising work man, keep it up!


How did you transfer the background into the picture? Anyways awesome picture and nice job!

Excellent work on the compositing! I would say there is one TINY problem, and it’s that the background picture was taken with a smaller FoV than your screenshot. Other than that, it’s perfect!

thank you! all i did was cut the helicopter opening in the first layer then in the 2nd layer i inserted the city background:)

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thank you! and yeah i kinda rushed it and was careless. actually i didnt know what i was doing half the time haha

very nice shot !