" ETA 2 min " (Force recon)



doesn’t look like their moving at all, nice posing, but the boat doesn’t fit.

slow moving …

How long have they been there?

Looks like some RL sci-fi thriller o.O

5 minute


Why is sci-fi


Nice posing.

Looking good.

looking good!

question: when are the alternate skins for the Russians and special forces guys being released :saddowns: (if they are)

Boat looks pretty low-res.
Also needs moar AA.

Despite the fact that guy up front is standing straight up in a boat,
Pretty decent, maybe a little editing to make a small wake.

which ones?

I think it would of been better in a helicopter





oh cod4 skin !? i got this You want it?

Sure :open_mouth:

If this is possible :open_mouth:

Yes please

you get the MSN?


you get the MSN?

Are you compressing your images on purpose?