ETA on EU servers

Any etas on the EU servers? (when they’re up)

this is getting annoying every fucking weekend the same.


or just delete that bs no-pvp server…

Please guys just relax… they are doing the best they can to improve the game…just relax and do something in real life for couple of hours…

You know this how exactly?

the fact they are constantly online, fixing bugs, helping people in game out, posting updates on the game, adding new content, and having a forum to let you all bitch about it is enough to prove it.

You are privileged to be able to play this game in Alpha, stop being a fucking prick asshole.

Entitlement to nothing at the moment. Regards, Alpha

Really, you going to use the “alpha” card on me? seriously, they should have added an age limit to this game, every kid on here says the same thing … it’s an alpha dude relax blah blah, not 1 of you folks qualify to be an Alpha tester in any shape or form so save the useless drivel of labels, we paid for the game, we are very much entitled to some update information, it would take helk, garry or pat a massive 2 minutes out of there time to post a simple “whats happening at the moment”.

Same thing in every damn game, fanboys and brown noses. nuff said

I think you just explained yourself and the way you are acting quite nicely there. Saved me the time to type it out.

The second you paid for Rust didn’t give you any rights for updates for every second what’s going on.
Chances are that Garry/Pat/ are offline and it’s only Helk fixing up things.
It IS an alpha, there are update notes and shit to tell us what’s going on.
Servers are constantly up and down, things get glitched and people dupe and stuff but there’s nothing else you can do but stop bitching and wait.

Oh look guys we have a forum pro, i better submit right away.

I must agree it’s silly to keep pointing out it’s an alpha, that’s obvious. If people were randomly selected to play for free, then you have a valid point.

However, people have paid to play the game, while I don’t feel entitled about it, it isn’t much to ask to know what’s going on in situations such as these.

It’s simply good customer relations. Again, I am not complaining at all, but I do agree in part with Dosh. It’s just decency to your players which pays in spades.

In all fairness I am pretty damn sure you along with everyone else would “love” a small update on things, but hey, im the bad guy because i speak the truth and don’t go looking for some brown on my nose, whatever.

Am not a kid, I didn’t look at your name before I posted, thought you were the same guy who posted the first reply.

The funny thing is people never get randomly selected to become an alpha tester, they must be qualified for the job which a vast majority of people on here are not, the ironic thing is I have been a legit Alpha tester while most people on here was still in buggy’s.

Everyone would like an update but we are willing to wait for it not demand it. Back in the day as a tester you was lucky to get into alpha, and even then you was lucky if the server was available to be used once a day. Back then the developers rarely commented to players on the forums let alone let the Alpha testers demand shit from them and act like douche bags.

You really haven’t a clue, you are still “lucky” to be a damn alpha tester in a game that doesn’t ask for a payment to do such thing, have you got into elder scrolls online as an alpha tester? figured as much.
I never once demanded anything so do not try mix up my words, i simply said they should give some feedback, it’s what the “successful” companies do, it’s pretty damn obvious why it’s a good thing to do so.

Warz, horrible customer feedback, /thread

WarZ has horrible customer feedback, yes, but they still make lots of money
If you believe Facepunch isn’t a succesful company then you shouldn’t be here at all.

Im gonna laugh if they ban your account just for being a whiny little bitch. Just go outside, breathe in some real air, go get some pussy (if you can), enjoy real life for a couple of hours, instead of bitching about a server being down for a game that clearly states

“The game is in an early and active state of development so some things might not work, might change, might break. This message should serve as a warning not to expect things to be too stable, polished or finsihed.”

Everyone sells alpha access now a days, you can even buy in before the game is even on code. Before the kickstarter fad being in alpha was a blessing. You got to see content, new concepts and play a game before everyone even had a chance to take a peak at it.

And if you want to count WarZ as your alpha game I feel bad for you.