ETA on Server Files being available?

Hello Facepunch community.

I have been looking (and like so many others) around for an ETA of Rusts Files to host on a dedicated server of mine (specs are below). I know some of you will tell me to “buy a server from a provider” but I’m not going to buy some crap hosting plan to host something when I have a server that’s plenty capable.

Server Specifications;

Processor: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v2’s (16 Cores / 32 Threads)
Memory: 512GB DDR3 ECC Registered
Storage: 4x Intel S3500 240GB (RAID0) Drives combined with 2x Seagate Enterprise 4TB, 7,200RPM 128MB Cache (RAID10) drives.
Connection: 2x Quad Intel NIC’s (8GB/s local net)

As you can see I already have a hell of a server and thats the main reason why I don’t want to buy from another provider. If someone can simply give us an ETA that’d be amazing.



(literally no one knows so don’t bother asking)

also wow nice u trying to compensate for something with your 512GB RAM

Most likely when Rust is out of Alpha; there is no official ETA.

You won’t be able to host Rust in it’s current form with just 512GB of RAM. Go rent a server from an official provider.

Few months ago i was just like you… wondering when the server files would be released. But that was when we had terrible GSPS. Now they improved quite a lot and we have a lot of new options as well.

(Even though that in some cases the ddos issue is still frequent).

Releasing the server files could benefit some people out there but for the majority of the player base it wont change much. As Mr.LordCrypto mentioned i assume its going to take quite a while :P.

Personally i think there are way tooo many server out there Facepunch should’ve restricted the sale of servers to x amount per host and then had a waiting list for people who wanted servers to pick up the slack when people let the servers expire