ETA Steamrelease?

Hi there, it would be nice if you could give out a time for the Steam Release today. Want to bring my friends to rust, and they are waiting for it =)

It would be online on 19:00.
But i wont tell you which Timezone it is :wink:

nahh just kidding.Relax and wait.

Du kommst schon noch zum zocken,keine Sorge

I shall tell you from what I am reading that Steam updates at 1 PM EST timezone, if you convert that to GMT +1 (Most of europe) that will be 19:00.

Not to forget Facepunch is located in the UK whereas 1 PM EST would be 18:00, but I do believe it will be 19:00 GMT +1 due to steam updating at 1 PM EST.

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Hehe, the German leaves a hint, does it, GMT +1 it is.

In US Time, 19:00 is 7:00 p.m.

What are you trying to say?

He dont get it :wink: