So is there an eta on the auth error fix or on the update? Really want to play :stuck_out_tongue:

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This must be the 16th thread about this topic…

Just answer the question or point me to the other topics, dont just say theres other topics

my bad…wrongly posted i clicked something …

we are all wondering how long till a fix…

I did and i didnt find any, hence why i posted one.

They have not said but they did say along with Steam that its Steams Problem and they are working on it, Kinda wish it was The Devs cause who knows how long Steam will take…While the devs are normally ontop of everything.

sorry Ras i edited and fixed my post…i oopsied

but we are all wondering when a fix will be done.

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Ras I was just able to login to the server i play on try yours now!