Eternal Damnation

Almost all in-game. Gm_construct dark room.

Combine approves


Middle part is awesome and nice lighting.

goddamn this is amazing

They took his squeezing arm.

Accidentally rated myself zing for some reason. Wtf, phone. Y u ratin ppl randomlyyy

Holy shit, it’s beautiful! (In a creepy way)


Very shiny.

You say it like it’s a bad thing.

Wall paper worthy.

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but I have l.a. noire as a wallpaper so no

but it is worthy

Not at all.

It’s a compliment.


How did this go under my radar?

Stealth Zerax!

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Pretty godlike for eternal damnation.

Simple but effective.

The lighting in this is great! The posing and dof is also super shizzle!
Nice work!

Wow, this is excellent, Mind if I use it as a background?