Eternal Prophet's PERP 2

Eternal Prophets are dead now. I have made a new community but it is still getting set up at the moment. Please refer to the link below:

Question, why is there about 30 admins on your server?
Also when will we be able to register on the website?

I hope that this server will have less “Issues” then the previous server.

The admins are there to watch over the server and so we have at least 1 admin most of the time. To register on the forums, you simply join one of the servers and it will ask you to register on the forums.

Well, I was just on the server for about a hour, it seems that racism is one of the major problems already.

servers down

Everyone was just having fun since we all knew the server was going down shortly

This is that community that kept getting attacked by Exiled after 2 renames, or so I heard. I see the old administration is there.

Exiled isn’t the only ones that were attacking them is the funniest part.

We aren’t doing anything and we’ve pretty much settled everything with Joe for the most part.

Caution is probably attacking them now out of butthurt rage at being kicked out.

However feel free to blame it on Exiled like always, it’s not like other people don’t exist who might dislike a party.

This is true exiled would never attack anyones servers I think you should stop blaming people unless you know the facts

Well they are stupid if they do not have any security…
If dont know, then the best security to garrysmod is a addon, if you dont know that then your stupid…
I got that… :smiley:

The fuck?

Wasn’t my intention to blame you for anything. I wasn’t the affected party.

I chuckled at this one. You sir, are the only stupid one around here.

Just for the record, this is a legit copy of PERP2 sold to Eternal Prophets, not stolen or anything.

how’s dem 500 bucks taste

How much did you sell it for because then I want to buy a copy.

Yea, it defends against trojans from 13 year olds which install a RAT in a program which is just a window with a box to put in an ip in to crack ftp servers on port 22.

You should try it sometime.


Anyway. The servers will be up sometime soon.