Eternity's sunrise

revenge of the overexposed mech

Aw damn, nice. I want to suggest something to improve it but I can’t! I love that you made the crop bars grey, that’s a nice touch as well.


it’s difficult to believe this was made using an engine from a 2004 (6?) game

AAA+ job man

Wow that’s bloody amazing.

Mmmm… tastes like… Grit.
Seriously, love it though.

That’s a nice Future Cop LAPD pose.

max payne 2033

now even balder

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if you guys see how lazy i am with editing you can have this

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this was done on gm_construct btw

Nice image, what was the model used for the mecha?

wtf are you even doing

give me your photoshop actions now

I love how it’s so calm and peaceful but you still get the feeling there is some action going on somewhere.

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can you please go get banned or spam another part of the forum?

how do you guys do all of that?!
I use super dof and no hdr, and its nothing like your guy’s stuff!

How do you do this?

looks like some ENB settings in GTA IV.
love that lighting!

you can all have the psd if you want

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i mean it’s nothing special at all really but

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give it a while to finish uploading

omg it’s so over-exposed that even the black bars are grey hahah

i’m starting to feel like a lot of your pics lack darktones so much that they were made with instagram filters. nice pic though

Where’s the sunrise? derpface

i did the black bars thing on purpose tho. the levels later affected nothing but the black bar layer, but i ser where you’re coming from. i’ll mind it on the next one

thanks guys!

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also lmao instragram u use it to silly brit i am so artistic can’t even handle me