Eternity's Sunrise

right so there’s two versions of this screenshot, pick your favorite.


Special thanks to Chesty for helping me figure out how to shade that shit. Greatly improved the image. Thanks, man.


with that said im off to find those models. i.e. the fences and such

keep it up

Suck to be a guy on a wheelchair.

Lovely work. Very atmospheric. Glad I could be of some assistance.

Amazing Zerax, I love it. Tho the tank seems a little small, but only a tiny tiny bit, or that might just be me, nevertheless that wouldn’t be your fault anyways.

Also you can’t see the glass on the police shield :v:

Okay. Everything was just fine until I scrolled down and see- out of no where- some old guy and his helper lying helplessly on the floor. It just caught me completely off guard.

“D’oh, someone help me up before the tank runs me over. Ooooh.”

Anyway… the only thing I don’t really like is the barrel at the left side of the picture. It just feels like I’m looking at a normal picture, and then there’s this glare from either the sun or some idiot shining a flashlight at my screen.

As Chesty said: Very atmo’eric

this is awesome :buddy:

It’s pretty good. Love the details you added around, but I think you could have shaded a few more things. The rubble on the bottom left maybe. I’m shit at these big scenes things.

I don’t know why, but I burst out laughing when I saw the guy in the wheelchair. I’m going to Hell.

This fucking owns.

Seriously, it has to be one of the best things I have seen in a long while.

it’s too faded.

bump up the contrast.

the color is really wonky, too.

I did, but buimping it seriously took away that fog effect I was going for. :c

but come on baker, you know you can’t hate this :3

what the fuck does that mean

what is there to LIKE? the composition is bad and the concept is boring

the only interesting thing about it is the humorous display of the death of cripples and the makeshift wall. that’s honestly about it.

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i mean it’s not really your fault but the placement of the debris just feels so forced in there. the roads are still too neat for the randomly thrown bits of rubble and trash. a good way to compensate to make the roads themselves look more gritty is to bump the contrast on them (or burn the dark areas so the bumps look more 3D)

actually a lot of this could be fixed if there was more contrast but it looks like you put the haze on first which in return makes it impossible to do contrast because the entire picture would look funky

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actually, just by desaturating the image and adding maybe five minutes worth of editing to it i managed to make the composition salvagable.

click for full size. also threw some experimental artistic torque in there that you can ignore – the general presentation of the composition is there.

So basically you want me to make it look like every picture you do?

Needs more shadows on the background.

it wouldn’t hurt; my pictures don’t suck dick

never said they did. they just all look the same.

that’s because i threw excess editing on it

it hides what i really did. why? because once all of the idiots learn how to make proper pictures then i won’t have anything to whine about

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Buy the title


alright, imma work a little bit on it. and please, don’t call me an idiot. i really am not. iz alright tho, thanks for the c&c

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but they don’t