Ethnic Cleansing

inspired by the uprising scene from ‘children of men’

Brutal, I like it. I think, however, slightly less blur on the background, but It’s nice.

The guys in the tanks are shooting birds.

‘‘they are dirty capitalists too’’

That’s messed up bro.

rebels in the BUILDING OKAY

i was going to add smoke but it fucked up the mood so i didn’t

yeah, well, such is life.

pretty fucking good as usual, I love the hectic feel to it

that’s racist

Would’ve been nice without everything being blurred to fuck.

Isn’t there also an unofficial game named the same?

blurring background is to create a focus point and create depth, although i agree it’s a little bit heavy. it works pretty well anyway, i think.

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thanks guys!

love it

first tought “Children of men”, fucking love that movie

Yes, but there is a point where you have too much blur, and you reached that point.

When I saw this, I immediately thought “Children of Men”. Amazing movie, amazing picture.

Amazing screenie, inspired by an awesome film, to which I think is more realistic then any other possible dire future that await us.

thanks for the kind words, amigos

Nicely done

The lighting, composition, depth and colours are fabulous. Noice work zera!

Good old bad russians.I missed them…so much.

And yeah, the film is awesome. This scene when all that soldiers stop fighting, just stand and watch at the baby…ughh. One of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen.