EU#2 Progress

Come @ me tomorrow bro’s, gnight !

With all blueprints possible learned
EDIT: 6 hours soloplay after getting raided and loosing everything.

Post ur progress pic aswell ;O

I have to much stuff to post in 1 screenshot : ( i would need like 20 (thats just 2 days of playing)

You got over 8,000 wood in 6 hours…
And I’m not sure but around 1,000+ metal.
You would of had to mine around 25 resources every single minute.

Hey man would you mind helping a Rust newbie out? How do you get all of the blue prints so quick? I’ve been wanting to be able to make Kevlar and C4 for ages but I never find the blue prints or the items. I have the explosive charges print but no actual “explosives” blue print. :frowning:

Need to get that from planedrops or you can try to trade it with someone, watch yourself though.


Thanks Granujo

i got a metal door and 2 metal door frames from 1 zombie

I’m guessing that’s where someone’s doors have “Disappeared”

Still looking for kevlar and metal bps, they’re both zombie drops right?

Other than that, I’m making fat stacks of wood and metal, I’m pretty well equipped. Got a nice 2-story wooden house with a great view with my friend’s house just a few steps away. Also got a friendly neighbor who’s cool and all. Shit’s good

Does anybody know a good way to get to some kevlar?

Kill someone with it, boom.

You now have kevlar

Errm, he’s had all day to mine with a reasonably low number of players. And do you not think he could have killed and looted people too?

@Valorous yeah but how would you find somebody if literly no body has it yet on EU2 :smiley:

There are actually quite a few people who have it already.

Try to find AND kill those… and if there are a few: How did they get it so fast… thats what i wanted to know…

Airdrops/zombies is my guess.

I would need more then a guess. I guessed that aswell … :smiley: