[EU 420] --NEW SERVER-- Door Share, PM's, PvP, Sleepers, 1/2 Craft, Fair Admins JUST WIPED 21/01


**[EU 420] Door Share, PM’s, PvP, Sleepers, 1/2 Craft, Fair Admins JUST WIPED 21/01


ip information:


JUST WIPED 21/01/14


Shared Doors, Private Messages, Chat history, 1/2 craft time, PvP, Sleepers, Active Admins

Here at EU 420 we would like to welcome you to join us on our new Rust server!

We will be developing our community and playing standards over the next week so feel free to come and join in.

Join through the ip given above!

If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to connect and ask away!

This thread will be monitored so please comment and let us know how we’re doing!


We only ask that you speak English as we want all players to enhance the communication of our gaming community!

Just joined the server there now, seems nice and relaxed. Hope we go places with it!

Good Server!

Hello ToD36, the server has just been started and we’re setting the player limit for an Airdrop as we speak, we’re sorry if we have hampered any of your enjoyment of this game and welcome you back if you choose to do so.

great server, active admins! looking good so far…

Supply Drops changed to only when there are >30 players currently on the server

Good server, worth a try!

17 online, we could use 3 more at least :slight_smile:

Can’t seem to connect to the server, might just be my internet though, I’ll try rebooting my router.

awesome server, great ppl, active admins!
im sold…

this server is fucking awesome, alot of competition the people are great and the admins are active really enjoying this so far.

need more players! go go go

dont think! just join…
me and my friends in love with this server…
great and fair admin

Started playing rust yesterday and spent a frustrating day wandering around on other servers with a big target on me… I don’t mind pvp it’s part of the game but it sucks constantly being killed when your a noob with nothing more than a rock to your name…

Just started on this server and it’s cool, actually managed to get the basics together without being killed on sight, hopefully i’ll meet some decent folks :slight_smile:

need more players!

nice server. very friendly admins. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


10 online atm, go go!

Welcome one and all to our lovely server!