[EU] 4iD.lv NoMercy server :: visit: games.4id.lv ::


Welcome to 4iD.lv Community
A video from our previous server

Server launch: Monday, 27th of January 18.00 GMT+2
Server location: Europe, Netherlands
Server hosted: Multiplay servers based at Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Server website: http://games.4id.lv
Server forum: http://forum.4id.lv
Server domain address: rust.4id.lv:28015

Server features:
** Custom loot (there have been plenty of balances and loot changes to the standard loot)
** Economy system – the ability to earn money by killing zombies & then trading in some items with server.
** Death penalty – on death you loose 10% from your current money.
** Ability to view your chat history.
** Crafting time reduced to 3/10 of the original time, to make the game more action based and less sitting & crafting.
** Form clan like groups, turn off friendly fire. A great feature for the ones playing in groups.
** Stats – do you love to track your progress? It’s easy with stats. Watch how many you have killed & how many times you have died. Find out who is the best assassin in the server, fear him or challenge him.
** Different kind of game experience, crazy bow & gun battles. Intense game-play, fear in loosing everything you have got.
** Experienced & mature admin team. More than 10 years in community & server administration.
** Creative events (a lot of effort has been put to make these).

Example of one of the many events hosted by our admins.

To check out more information about our server, PRESS HERE

nice :rock:

Nice :smiley: I Hope even with money, C4 will be very difficult to get !!!

Nice. This server is awesome. And with so greate admins and suport. I didnt see any other server so good!

Played before, was fun and admins were mature and helpful, lets meet on server then…

God people do like to spam in this “Rust Servers” forum.

nSage please PM me on forum!

Lol yo Latvian broz :slight_smile:

Gl on ur server!

Hey Brat, come and check out our server if you have time! :wink: (gaidīsim ar atplestām rokām)

Hey man :slight_smile:

Rly - Monday, 27th of January 18.00

Tas ir good,ja!
P.S. - Я не знаю лат. хорошо,но я свой!

Gonna wait for the server release! :slight_smile: Tomorrow at 18.00 Riga time,yo.

Cant wait…

im testing server nice hard droprate :yarr:

Vso normalno, mi vse svoi! :wink:

Server launch 18.00 GMT+2 come and join us!

4h and 30 min more… why it takes so long?

Hopefully this server will have 50+ regular people. Willing to try it out :slight_smile:

Either way, from our previous server there will be around ~20 people moving to the new one. So I hope we will have around ~40 people this evening. It’s not much, but still a game is fun, when there are people who are not total jar-heads.

Will give the server a try :slight_smile:

27min left… zomg, and in forum countdown :open_mouth: