After playing on Rust servers for many weeks, we finally decided to open our own.
Many servers disapointed us from the lack of communication between admin and players or from the abuse made by some admins of their right.
Our experience of the game give us the possibility to be good admins and good managers of a server.

We have been able to gather a community of 30 mature and experienced players, who can make a server thrilling.
However all new players will be given advice and help they may be looking for to debute on our server.

To serve this purpose we’re creating a forum which will be the main plateform to communicate with the players of our server.
Importants announcements will be written on it and you will also find tutorials and explainations concerning RUST.
Of course, you may chat on this forum with the community.

A mumble will be available for anyone interested
port : 1637
no password

About the rules, they’re simple:
no hard grief (of course putting a stair to raid a house is allowed)
and fairplay during and after a fight (gg wp,…)

-No mods
-Airdrop 30
-sleeper [on]
-quality host

Our server will be wipe friday at 6 pm (uk hour)
for joining it : net.connect

Have a nice day