[EU]Airdrop@10|Remove|Noobs|No Admin Abuse

Hi Peeps,
A few friends and I finally got annoyed at constantly playing on servers and then the Admins become all douchey.
Kill an admin and they TP and blow your house up! We created a modded server running Oxide with Remove tool, Voting, Airdrops,PVP, Sleepers. 1/2 craft but most of all STRICTLY NO ADMIN ABUSE!!
It is of course PVP but friendly (within reason :smiley: )

The server is nice and fresh and we are looking for more players, so please join us!


[EU]Airdrop@10|Remove|Noobs|No Admin Abuse

See you there!

No Admin Abuse makes me think that admins will abuse there. Because that states that there might have been abuse before :v: