- -[EU] Battlefield Rust /Kit Starter M4+set /Active Admins


Welcome to Battlefield Rust !

After a nuclear strike almost destroyed the whole continent, the humans are trying to rebuild there homes again.
The world we knows is just gone. We need to learn to use our Instinct to survive on this island, where evil lurks the land.
The walking dead is coming now! It´s trying to kill you and taking all what you love so much away.
Go and fight against the zombies, build up your own bases, be in a group or fight alone!

But you need to persevere and survive.


Now our second Battlefield Rust server is online, add it to your favourites :


  • -[EU] Battlefield Rust /Kit Starter M4+set /Active Admins and chat history -
    Join us : Launch Rust and once the game has loaded hit F1 to bring up
    the console menu, then write or copy :

  • [EU] based server.

  • Premium PVP server

  • Stable and NO lag Server (dedicated 500 slots Server).

  • Server is saved every 10 minutes and a backup is made every 6 hours.

  • Hackers will be banned immediately.
    Server Mechanics:
    ● PvP and limited Sleepers (15 minutes) to avoid the combat logoff
    ● Starter kit with M4, Shotgun, P250, with a 20 seconds cooldown
    ● Active admins
    ● Starter Kit
    ● Instant Craft
    ● Door Sharing
    ● Battlefield Style

Chat Features:
● Chat History with last 20 messages
● PMs
● Player List
● Group Chat
● Map Location
Teamspeak server is available :
Adress :

Have fun at our Server and vote for us to support us :wink:

You can join our Teamspeak 3 Server, IP:
Let´s meet on the Server and use your Instinct

Your Admin Staff