[ EU / BE ] Belgium PK - Arena, Mods, Events, Wiped recently.

“Belgium PK”

  • no admin abuse
  • custom pvp arena with rewards, auto teleport in and out, custom gear,…
  • /who command
  • /location (gives you your coördinates)
  • Death messages
  • Admin Events

To come

  • Share doors by commands
  • Private messaging
  • Basic economy (earn cash for the bounty mod by killing reds)
  • Bounty (place a bounty on someone’s head)
  • Groups (create your own private guild channel)
  • Sleepers


Type /help in de chat voor de commands

Belgium PK on Facebook:


  • No house blocking
  • No racism
  • No raiding ADMIN structures like home test base & pvp arena
  • No hacking
  • No bug abuse

fixed the /location command