EU/BE No Sleeper Admin/help New Server

Hi Guys,We have order a new RustServer PVP everyone is welcome to join our server
me Admn_Skitz will help u True the game, i will make a Market In the middle of the map to Trade with u like for example if you
Can’t find a Blueprint m4 u will Trade Me some wood Ore’s and metal just for example and i give u M4,
We are just searching out how we gonne do this like how much for m4 how much for MP5 Enso on…

We are making a PVP Arena in the middle of the map so be Fair and dont shoot each other till your in the arena,
if we see your shooting out side the arena will be kicked because if i type in chat Arena is life, then u have 15min to come to arena and play with each other
to kill, the winner will get items from admin!

Its not on point right know we still looking how to do this but it will not take to long any more!

This is our website Go To the FrontPage and there u have het ip for RUST!
your Always welcome to join our website!

srry for bad english, if your are registerd then i will give u IP teamspeak have a nice stay and work with us to the server!