[EU] BeefNation.co.uk | CLEAN WIPE 18th JAN | MODs

Visit our forums to report players/staff, make suggestions, have a chat and much more! The website is not yet finished but is in working order.
The server is quite new and is open to all, new players and long time players. We recommend that you sign up on the forums if you play on our server so you find out the latest news and updates!
You get in game rewards for inviting your friends onto the server, just get them to make a post in the referral section on the forums and we will arrange a time to get the gear delivered to you.
To connect quickly press “F1” and type “net.connect”.

When you leave the server a ragdoll is left which can be killed to get your gear. This makes raiding more worthwhile so you don’t end up wasting your explosive charges!

Door Sharing:
Type "/share [player name] to share your doors with your friends so you don’t have anymore complicated door set ups for you and your clan. Type "/unshare [player name] to no longer allow them to use the door.

Instant Crafting:
You’ll no longer have to wait ages to build your house. As long as you have the materials you can get it up in minutes!

You can donate on our website to get gear in game, blueprints, guns, building supplies… Whatever you need, prices range from £2-£15

Active Admins:
There is usually at least one admin on at a time, this means they will be quick to help out if you’re having problems and if there is any hackers on they will be quick to respond and clean up the server. We pick our admins carefully so, zero abuse!

RUST++ and Oxide:
For those who know about Rust servers, we use both Rust++ and Oxide to get the best of both worlds. This means gives a lot of perks one of many is Anti-Hack to stop them from connecting as well as the option to not allow VAC banned accounts to join!

Rules to improve your gaming experience:
There are only a few rules apart from the obvious ones like no hacking or glitching. You may not build in radiation zones other wise your building will be destroyed. You can see the others on the website.

Missions will be held reasonably often and posted on the forums in advanced! There will be missions like where you must attack a base with no doors which is defended by a couple of people and once you get in there is a lot of high end loot. There will be more as we come up with them make sure to check the forums, there will be descriptions, times and coordinates as well as notifications in game to warn you.

DDOS Protection:
The hosting we have provide some really good DDOS protection in case someone feels the need. Not a guarantee but more likely to stop you been kicked off the game mid raid!

Other Things:
“/history” Lets you see what has been posted, 10 messages back so even when it has faded you can still read it.
“/friend” and “/unfriend” So you can tag people as friendly so you don’t accidentally shoot them!
“/list” Shows all the players online at the time.
“/pm [player name] [message]” Lets you send private messages in case you ever need to have a secret conversation about a trade, mission etc.
More airdrops and higher loot chances!

We look forward to seeing you on the server!
-The BeefNation Team

Been playing on this server ever since it started! The staff are actually amazing and the mods installed are perfect to give a good, solid, and fun platform for any type of player to start playing the game!

Yes, I’ve seen you on. Thanks for the kind words:) Any suggestions?

Maybe just a few tweaks here and there like staff tags (which I know you are getting) and other general things to enhance the experience :slight_smile: keep up the good work though!

Everything has been fixed and we now have a teamspeak too! Feel free to come along.