[EU] Born to Kill - M4, Kevlar but... Something more


We’re starting a new server the 1 of June at 15:000 (UTC+1)!
It will be incredible, 'cause admins are very, very, very fabulous :stuck_out_tongue:

If you join our server now it will be a mess:
You can have a /kit war and get weapons, bla bla bla bla…

Buuuut… The day after tomorrow this server is going to be brutally wiped!
And you won’t be able to get more /kit war.
You’ll have a Hatchet (best weapon ever). Who needs a M4, after all? :smiley:

We got few cool mods:

  • No durability (you can hit your friends as much as you want);
  • Sleepers (somebody might like you even if you’re sleeping);
  • Insta Craft (don’t wanna wait even in games);
  • Remove (you can remove something you own with just one hit);
  • Who Looted (I have no idea what it does);
  • Doorshare (who cares about password?);
  • Base Alarm (if someone breaks parts of you’re base you get a message like “We’re fucked”);
  • Anti Speed Hack (wrong server if you wanna cheat!);
  • Arena (so we can party with music);
  • /kit starter and /kit house (free stuff. What else?);
  • No admin abuse (admins might teleport and scare the shit out of you);
  • No playing admins;
  • No lag (we had 70 people on the last server);
  • English chat;
  • TS Server (so you can make more friends and chat);
  • Admin always online (just kidding);
  • Vote System (you get HUGE rewards if you vote for our server).

If you need more information, read this post again.

Open Rust, press F1 button and -> net.connect

Server Started!