[EU] Brand new server! PVP/SLEEP ON/NO GRIEF!

Some general info about the server:

  • 70 slots (will expand if needed)
  • PVP ON
  • Active admins that play each day, for hours. No admin abuse what so ever!
  • Airdrops at 40 players online!

Server was wiped Friday, January 17th. So it is kind of fresh!

For more server info etc, visit www.conventuz.no/rust/

How to connect? Press F1 to bring up the console and copy/paste the following:

net.connect rust.conventuz.no:29115

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you joining us in this amazing game! :slight_smile:

Added some new information! :slight_smile:

Server is now updated with STATS!

To see your stats (kills/deaths) just type /stats ingame :slight_smile: