[EU] Breaking Rocks !NEW! (06/03) Vanilla | Airdrops| Active Admins


To join, press F1 and type:

Server info

Server was wiped 22.03.14

Server name : [EU] .::Breaking Rocks::. NEW [Wiped 22.3] Vanilla|Airdrops|PvP|Active Adm.
Server IP:

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Break-Rock

Server slots: 75
Server location: Germany


  • Airdrops
  • Sleeprs
  • No Mods/Vanilla
  • Active Admins
  • PvP
  • Unlocked Backpacks


  • No Griefing
  • No Racism
  • No hacking!

Great Server.
Good for beginners and friendly player.
Hope more players will join!:dance:

Very nice server, friendly people and no admin abuse!

Active admin

Nice server to start on! Friendly people and active admin!

All welcome guys! Great server

Join join join! :smiley: The more ppl on the server the more fun we can make!
Airdrops are starting!

Not very impressed with this server, two seconds after joining I was murdered on the spot, and when I respawned I was again murdered before I could even take two steps, gave up on the server, easier to play on an official server populated with hackers

EDIT: Apparently they allow hackers on this server because the person who killed me the first time

already has a vac ban on record

It’s rust! There are some people who KOS on every server!.. also we don’t allow hackers!

Being killed single shot with a P250(to the hip) right as i joined(Hacker all the way)


Server says rare military(Guess they lied)

If you want your server to grow you better remove the spawn killers off your server… and the hackers…

Don’t know what you’re talking about. Never said anything about rare military. And that hacker is already banned.

Lol, so you changed the server title(It even says he changed it when i pointed it out) to avoid looking like a liar, LOLZ

Darquen go cry somewhere else lol :D! The server is running great without you so dont worry we wont miss you!


Not to be rude, but I still recommended my clan try this server out because it was pvp active, but they were all spawn killed so much(There was 5 of them) they all quit the server(Happened repeatedly for 30 minutes), also was 3 or 4 confirmed hackers(flying) with aimbots (Killed 3 of them all with single shot headshots, in a row(Quite impressive if not hacking)). Hackers are still a problem, spawn killing will destroy your server…


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No ones crying, I was trying to help you, but fuck you, blacklisted


Server just got wiped!