[EU] CCUK | Active Admins | No Wipe | Delayed Decay - (Pure Rust)

CCUK Rust Server

Good Gaming Group, Very Active (CCUK) Looking for more poeple to join our server!


Most Players Are 20-30 Age Range, No Kid’s Please!

    Vanilla Rust
    No Wipe
    Active Admins
    Reduced Decay
    Looking for Large Groups And Clans To Join
    Lag Free
    Lots Of Room To Build
    Lots Of Wood/Stone
    Friendly (Sometimes) Players

Currently 10-15 Players Looking For More To Join Us!

It Is Just Like The Official Servers But With Good Admins!
No Spawning Items Or Cheats (Both Admin and Player)


net.connect - Play With The Best!


Solid admins, fair community i like this one.

What about airdrops?

Airdrops at 25 players, Not much C4 around yet tho.

Should hit around 25 tonight.

I like the delayed decay sound like eating icecream whitout having to worry about diabetes!
Hate to have to log in all days to stop the decay, when did the server open?

Been open now about 3 or 4 days, But we need some bigger clans and some lone rangers to make it a bit more fun!

All the admins are very helpfull, Look us up on steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CCUK-RUST

Join us!