[EU/CH] LASS RUSTEN / New Server / Durability off / Active Admins / EVERYONE WELCOME! :)

Hi guys, let’s Rust together!

Server Introduction:

Name: [EU/CH]LASS RUSTEN\Durability off\Half-Craft\WIPED 04.03

  • Server freshly wiped 04.03.14
  • Active and friendly admins (No Abuse)!
  • Durability off
  • Crafting time 50%
  • PVP / Sleeper on
  • Airdrop 15+ Players
  • Mode Rust ++/Magma

Later we will also build a pvp arena to make events and challenges for fun and the winners will get cool stuff :wink: So don’t miss it!

We want to make your rust experience as good as possible. If you’ve any questions just whisp me in steam or in game (Name: Sir SmokeAlot).
We hope to see you soon on our server!

How to join our server:

  1. Press F1 at the start menu of Rust.
  2. Copy and paste or type in this phrase: net.connect
  3. Press ENTER and you’re done!

Allready more than 10 players, keep joining guys ;)!