[EU] Chaos | NEW 27/05 | NoDura | 0.5Craft | 20Airdrop | ActiveAdmin


Hello, this is a new server, we have started today (27/05).

We look to create a friendly rust community, where everyone have fun, with no griefing or hackers.

This server has:
0.5 Craft
No Durability
20 Minimum players airdrop
Active admins

Our rules:
No racism
No hacking
Respect eachother
No begging for items
No griefing with pillars, foundations, ceilings (basically don’t build anything that’s not destructable with a rock or a hatchet next to / inside players houses, and it includes metal doors. metal doors can only be placed if all doors in the house were destroyed).
Have fun (Yes this is a rule) :slight_smile:

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Enjoy :slight_smile: