[EU] CheatReport.eu | Vanilla Rust

Fresh Server! Nice community! Full support 24/7

Server Info:

Adress: Type in console (F1)


**Website:** http://cheatreport.eu

**Steam Group:** http://steamcommunity.com/groups/cheatreport

Started with the goal to create a server with a active community and easy way to report cheaters without creating a terrible enviroment and horrible chat.
The idea is that anything regarding cheaters will stay out of the game and will be dealt with behind the scenes.
Admin’s will not be a player on this server and will be active in exposal and removal of cheaters.
Players will have a easy to way to communicate to the admin outside the game and will help us get rid of more cheaters.

Specs and Functions:

  • 100 Slots
  • Website/Forum/Social Network Hubs
  • Live Admin Support Line
  • Voice Communication Server

Check our webpage for more detailed info on rules or if you want to become a member or know more about our server.


Joined it from day 1:) nice admins and a good setup:) good luck guys! you got my vote!

People should give this server a chance… it got potential

nice server, and a very nice website, good work


Shameless bump


Starting to get some players for the evenings and would love to have some more :slight_smile: